Fractional CMO Services to

Accelerate Profitable Growth

Astute Fractional CMOs develop, implement, and manage marketing strategies that seize your competitive advantage to reliably drive profitable growth and achieve your goals.

We convert marketing into an investment that generates ROI and helps your business Realize Full Potential.

Seize Your Competitive Advantage

If a business is not growing, it’s dying. Growth is not an option, it’s a critical requirement for sustainability and prosperity. Generating sustainable growth in today’s extremely dynamic, severely competitive, and information-overloaded business environment requires a strong competitive advantage. Our Fractional CMO services develop your competitive advantage to achieve your goals and Realize Full Potential.

Accelerate Growth – Innovative marketing strategies to optimize brand value, penetrate best-fit markets, exemplify benefits, and create demand.

Gain Market Share – Scalable strategies and agile practices that drive continuous improvement to strengthen your position and keep you ahead of competitors.

Increase Sales Volume – Improve customer acquisition and retention by enabling every sales channel, improving the buyer’s experience, and accelerating sales cycles.

Fractional CMO Services

Outsourced CMO Services

Outsourced CMO

Part-time CMO without all the cost

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Temporary CMO

Interim CMO for critical projects

outsourced cmo services

Advisory CMO

A trusted advisor on-demand

CMO Marketing Coach

CMO Coach

Learn to think and execute like a CMO

Proven Process

STOMP™ – Our Exclusive Methodology

STOMP™ is our exclusive strategic marketing process that guides our client engagements. It’s how we identify, capture and maintain your competitive advantage. STOMP™ combines scalable strategies with agile practices to provide a sustainable solution that continuously improves your Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).







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The Astute Difference

Marketing is an investment, not an expense. We prove it with profitable growth and marketing ROI.

Astute Strategies

We combine deep insight with a broad perspective, then analyze from every angle. Astutely assessing to identify opportunities, and devise innovative strategies to seize them.

STOMP™ Process

Our exclusive strategic marketing framework that guides our client engagements.  We use it to develop and keep your competitive advantage and drive growth.

Sustainable Solutions

We develop scalable strategies and implement agile practices that drive continuous improvement, to give your business a competitive advantage and keep you ahead of the curve.

Astute Analytics™

A KPI-focused executive dashboard to assess your marketing quickly and easily. Gain agility with empirical data to evolve as market conditions change and stay ahead of the competition.

What Our Clients Say

I have worked with the Astute Group for the past 2 and a half years and have been impressed with the leadership that has been provided to our marketing team. Astute has shown skill managing everything from large website projects to small content development work. Astute has certainly had a positive impact on our business and I recommend them for your marketing needs.”

Bill D, CEO – CCI

“Astute Group helped reshape our business, increasing our revenues and, more importantly, our profitability. Their guidance and expertise were exactly what we needed.”

Jonathon T, President – Wireless Solutions

“I evaluated several consulting firms. I chose Astute Group because they submitted a thorough, highly detailed proposal. They delivered as promised. The marketing plan Ferris created was as thorough as the proposal. It provided excellent industry insight and solid strategies for branding, positioning, and growth. I am very pleased with what Astute Group has done.”

CRM SaaS Provider – Confidential, President and Owner

“Astute Group devised a brilliant strategy to help our firm grow and command higher fees. They identified the ideal client type and aligned our services with clients’ needs. I wish I had retained them much sooner”

JJ D, Managing Partner – The Dallo Group

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Clients Helped

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