The CoronaVirus Pandemic Gives Businesses an Opportunity to Shine

Business is Anything But Usual

The Coronavirus has caused major changes in our daily lives. Its impact is felt by every person, business, and organization in the world. Large or small businesses, rich or poor people, it does not matter. The potential to catch the life-threatening virus is very real. What we’re also seeing are businesses using their resources to redefine their brand during the Coronavirus pandemic by stepping up and providing help, resources, and guidance.

It is very difficult to be calm, let alone optimistic. But savvy business leaders and entrepreneurs are taking the proper measures to ensure the safety of their employees, their businesses, and their brands. While this horrific Pandemic is very real, it will eventually end.

When it does, the brands that stepped up and helped people, are the ones that will be remembered. It is not only about business, its about humanity. The reward is much more than profit, it is sustainability, brand perception and best of all the unmatchable feeling we experience when we help people.

Convert Operations to Provide Help and Support

The CEO of General Motors offered to build ventilators needed during the CoronaVirus Pandemic. There are numerous other needs that your business may be able to fulfill. For example, reroute call center phone lines to staff working from home and conduct daily check-up calls for senior citizens or individuals that live alone.

Be creative, look at the resources of the business and what it does best. Then think of how that could be used to help others. Astute Group will help promote your offering for free. See how it works?


Accommodate Special Circumstances

Many grocery stores are providing specified times exclusively for senior citizens to shop. If your business can help the elderly, children, single mothers, handicapped, extremely ill people, do it. While this is essentially best suited for consumer-focused businesses, it has just as much value helping small “mom-and-pop” businesses.

Astute Group is providing free tutoring to children whose parents do not understand the subject matter being studied.

Reduce Fees during the Pandemic

While the idea goes against just about everything that we are taught in business school, it is a tremendous expression of gratitude to the customers that fuel the businesses’ existence. Those customers will develop a sense of loyalty to your brand and may even become evangelists for it.

Provide Free Web Seminars

The people that that work in your business have knowledge and skills that are valuable. The simplest example is the accounting or finance department. Average people in the US could use some guidance on managing their money and planning.

Ask your accounting personnel to create a video that does provides help with managing money. The video does not have to be production quality. People know that home is the best place to be. A video shot from home with a phone or laptop camera will help people connect with your brand. The personalization is very valuable as it closes the gap between “greedy” businesses and average people.

Share Resources

Any business needs a variety of applications, services and other resources to conduct day-to-day operations. For example, a business may have a subscription to a web seminar service. That is a very powerful resource during social distancing, people are looking for things to do. Why not create an online event that people can participate in.

While there is so much technology available for the public to use. A great majority of people do not know about the technology or know how to use it. People like things to be easy and convenient. Providing a simple way to connect with other people is priceless to those who do not know how to do so.

If you would like help with creating or implementing any of these suggestions, we will provide a free phone consultation. Just complete this form and we will contact you to schedule it.

All of the suggestions provided in this document are intended to be done via electronic interaction and phone calls. We are by no means suggesting any direct physical interaction with anyone, including staff, co-workers, customers or any other people.

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