For most consumers, their email inbox is bombarded with a significant amount of marketing emails. These often unsolicited and annoying messages frequently wind up in one place; the dreaded SPAM folder.  

Though email is still an often-preferred way to reach your target audience, there is a fine line between success and annoyanceSuccessful email marketing will increase awareness of your brand, improve its image and generate new revenue. A comprehensive email marketing strategy can provide your business with qualified leads and improve your bottom line. 

Email marketing is an extremely beneficial tool when executed properly. Proper execution is much more than buying a list of email addresses and sending unwanted messages. There are five key requirements to create an effective email marketing strategy:

  1. A QualityList
    2. Targeted Messaging
    3. Appealing Subject Line
    4. Quality Content (Quality over Quantity)
    5. Call to Action 

A Quality List  

Quality lists are not purchased, they are organically developed. Whether you gain emails through content on your website, social media, promotions, or other areas related to your business, they should be obtained organically and not purchased through a serviceThis way, you know your list wants to hear about your business; you just need to give them a reason to want to receive information. There should be multiple lists based on what interests the contact has expressed previously, either through a form on your website or through in-person contact. 

email marketing strategy

Targeted Messaging  

Successful email marketing is not “one size fits all.” Email marketing strategy should be targeted around a user persona. The content should be relevant to the readers expressed interests, and written and designed in a manner that is cohesive to the user persona. For example, a message to an executive should be brief and to the point, while a message to an engineer should have facts and data that they will find useful. A text email is fine for certain types of messages, while graphics and images are great for other types. 

Appealing Subject Line  

The Subject Line is arguably the most important part of the message. It’s the 3-second window of opportunity to capture the reader’s attention. Think about how many emails you get a day. Which ones do you open? Isn’t the subject line a key factor in that decision? So, you want to make sure to create a subject line that is relevant, concise and compelling. This becomes much easier to do when lists are segmented and focused. 

Quality Content  

You have achieved the three prior requirements for a successful email marketing campaign. You captured the reader’s attention and then, it all comes crumbling down. All because the message didn’t look good, was hard to read, or had useless information. I’ve opened messages like that and when I do, I usually go straight down to “unsubscribe.” Don’t give your audience a reason to unsubscribe. Combine layout, images, and text to create a clear message that is compelling to the reader. 

Clear Call to Action  

There is a reason you are sending that email. That reason is generally to get the reader to perform a specific action. Whether that is visiting a page on your website, placing an order, booking an appointment or one of several other actions, make sure that is clearA distinct and easy to follow call to action is a must in any email, and is a critical part of any email marketing strategy. 

Implementing these five components into your email marketing strategy will make a difference. Astute Group offers consulting services and can help you start and implement an email marketing program and teach you how to run it, or we can do all the work for you. Contact us for a free consultation.