Every company is unique, which is why it’s important that you find the right fractional CMO for your specific business. You should decide the right path for your company based on: your needs, the cost, experience, and location of the CMO. Find the right fractional CMO that meets your criteria in these areas, and you will create the most success and growth for your business. 

Company Needs 

Before you look for a fractional CMO, you need to figure out what your company needs from them and what you hope to accomplish. A fractional CMO should connect with the needs and goals of your company. This ensures the CMO can carry out what you need, and that it will be worthwhile. If your needs and goals aren’t at the forefront of this process, then your fractional CMO will not meet its full potential for your company. 

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The Cost of the Right CMO 

The cost of a fractional CMO is another a factor in finding the right CMO for you. The cost of fractional CMOs vary so you should base this on your company’s budget and the expected returnThe right fractional CMO for you will have a cost that fits your company. Smaller businesses may have a more limited budget for fractional CMO so it all depends on what you’re willing and able to spend. 

Experience of Your CMO 

The experience level of the fractional CMO is also a consideration when looking for someone that will be the most effective for your business. More expensive fractional CMOs tend to be more experienced, but that might not be necessary for you. Maybe your company doesn’t need such a handson CMO, but more of a quick outside perspective.  

The level of experience you need in a fractional CMO should relate to the complexity of the work that you need done. It may not be worth the heavy expense to get more experience when that doesn’t align with your goals. So, be sure that your needs match the experience level of the fractional CMO to bring valuable results. 

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Location, Location, Location… Maybe 

The location of your fractional CMO is dependent on the physical presence and role that you need from them. Fractional CMOs focus more on the strategic marketing of your company and not so much on the day to day workOftentimes, being local is not at all a necessity. However, it can be beneficial for your company 

Again, this should be based on the specific needs and qualities of your business. Maybe you need a highly active and physically present CMO to meet your needs and goals. Therefore, a more local fractional CMO would work best. Or maybe you just need a CMO for big picture work and would only require phone calls. In that case, your fractional CMO could be from anywhere across the country. 

What are You Looking for in a Fractional CMO? 

The right fractional CMO can be whatever you want and need it to be based on the above details. It’s all dependent on what you’re comfortable with and the kind of interaction you want to have with your fractional CMOYour company might need an expensive, highly experienced, and local CMO. On the other hand, you might need an inexpensive, nonlocal CMO with basic experience. Or maybe you need a fractional CMO that’s somewhere in between. There are plenty of options when it comes to fractional CMOs and finding the right one for you will bring the most benefitsSo, make sure you consider the needs of your company and how they relate to the cost, experience, and location of a fractional CMO.