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Business development consulting firms fail to rival our strategic growth and marketing expertise


We devise and implement sound Business Growth Strategies for reliable and consistent organic growth to scale your business, increase the bottom line, and improve long-term sustainability.

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Strategic Business Development Firms

Beyond Business Development Consulting Firms

The challenges that businesses now face are unprecedented. Today’s, digitally connected, constantly changing, and fiercely competitive global business environment is brutal.

Business leaders are working harder than ever to achieve strategic goals and increase sustainability.  They know that creating maximum value will generate demand, drive business growth, and improve profits. However, identifying and seizing viable new opportunities is very difficult in such a dynamic and hyper-fast environment.

Savvy business leaders appreciate the depth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and broad outlook Astute Fractional CMOs bring to the table. We deliver greater value than business development consulting firms by devising and implementing sound business development and marketing strategies to help expand, improve, and grow your business.

Strategic Business Development Consulting Firms

Strategic Business Development to help…

Seize Your Advantage

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We seize your competitive advantage by aligning it with markets that perceive it as a  powerful differentiator which optimally positions your brand. 

Then we develop Go-To-Market strategies for each opportunity, that deliver a custom-tailored value proposition. Exemplifying why to choose your brand.

Expand Your Reach

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Our structured approach develops your exclusive system for business expansion that sustains profitable revenue growth. First, we strengthen your core, solidifying the foundation to build upon. Then, we identify opportunities for expansion into adjacent markets or offerings or diversification into new business models and new domains.

Strengthen Position

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By developing a strong market presence through strategic business development, companies can increase their market share and position themselves as leaders in their industry.

Alleviate Risk

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Global competition, limited resources, economic fluctuations, rapid change, and other challenges pose risks to every business. Especially when entering new markets or developing new products. We alleviate risk with sound strategies devised from deep insight. Coupled with effective tactics and proven practices to generate optimal results. 

Strategic Business Development Consulting

How We Culminate Business Growth

One of the greatest challenges every CEO and owner face is how to generate profitable business growth. There are numerous factors to consider and several questions that must be addressed. That’s where we come in, with the experience, knowledge, and acumen needed to overcome the complexities and identify the best route to reach growth goals.

Our Business Development Consultants provide deep insight from comprehensive research into your organization, customers, competitors, and markets. We thoroughly assess research with an unbiased perspective to identify new opportunities – opportunities that are commonly overlooked by company staff. Thus, making sure no stone is left unturned, because the large opportunities are often found in the small gaps.

✔ Seize your competitive advantage to create greater value in target markets
✔ Optimize the core business to accelerate growth and support expansion
✔ Identify opportunities and devise strategies for expansion into new markets
✔ Increase marketing and sales effectiveness for greater ROI
✔ Make the most of technology to generate additional revenue and improve the brand experience
✔ Identify the right sales channels and drive their effectiveness
✔ Identify potential strategic alliances that create an advantage and deliver greater value

Business Development Consulting Firms

Business  Development Consultant

Our Fractional CMO Approach Yields Greater ROI

Startups and SMB companies yield a strong ROI by utilizing an Astute Fractional CMO for business development consulting. We provide strategic business development expertise that generates sustainable organic revenue growth. As well as executive-caliber strategic marketing, revenue generation, and sales enablement experience.

Our Fractional CMO approach provides your business with greater ROI than most strategic business development consulting firms. Your business gains the expertise of an experienced CMO to devise high-caliber marketing and growth strategies, as well as the leadership experience to implement and lead business development initiatives.  Providing your business with a comprehensive solution that goes beyond advising, to ensure optimal execution.


  • Primary research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Innovative ideation
  • Channel strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Digital strategy
• Marketing strategies

Brand strategy

Segmentation and Targeting

Competitive differentiation

Product marketing / launch

Content strategy

• Growth strategies


  • Product development
  • Market development
  • Market penetration
  • Diversification / Expansion


  • Competitive differentiation
  • Go To Market plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Product requirements
  • Objectives and milestones
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Strategic alliances


  • Business Development initiatives
  • Go To Market 
  • Marketing plan
  • Sales and marketing collaboration
  • Coaching and workshops
  • Quarterly, semi, or annual planning
  • Product launch
  • Astute Analytics™ reporting

Business Growth Strategies

Strategic Business Growth Consulting

Most business development consulting firms only advise by providing a strategic plan but they do not assist with implementation. Astute Fractional CMOs offer the experience, knowledge, and expertise you expect from a strategic business development consultant. However, they have the skills and resources needed to effectively implement plans to ensure business growth strategies are properly implemented to achieve optimal ROI.

Organic Growth Strategy

The natural growth that occurs with the development of new products or services, expansion into new markets, improving sales and marketing effectiveness, and improving efficiency with technology.  Organic growth is generally more profitable and sustainable, with less risk than external growth. 

Go To Market

We will develop the right strategy to get your product to target markets and get customers engaged. 

Marketing Strategy

We devise marketing strategies that develop a favorable perception and create appeal to influence buyers’ choices. Strategies that drive brand awareness and generate demand for products. Full circle marketing strategies that are synergistically integrated for greater results.   

Product Strategy

By understanding exactly what buyers are seeking and what existing customers value most, we are able to identify opportunities for your existing products. As well as potential opportunities for product extensions, enhancements, ancillary products and services, and even new offerings that are directly aligned with your core capabilities. 

Digital Strategy

We develop strategies that leverage digital technologies and tools to fundamentally change the way your business interacts and serves customers. Utilizing technology to delivery greater value and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Channel Strategy

Reach more markets and connect with more customers with the right channel strategy. We will help you make the most of all channels, including digital and 3rd parties such as resellers, distributors, and integrators.

Recovery and Turnaround

Give us 90 days and we will initiate a recovery plan and revive revenue growth. Turning around a trend of decline and loss. (business recovery)

Business Growth Strategies executive development

Business Development Consulting Process

Our Business Development Process

Our systematic approach to strategic business development produces sound, reliable, and impactful growth strategies. We evaluate the various pathways that your business is equipped to handle. Then navigate the right path for your business to achieve optimal growth.

Our business development consulting is designed to work closely with your organization, drawing on the wisdom that has been accumulated through years of hands-on experience. Mixing in forward-thinking driven by deep insight, to fuel innovative ideation that exposes all possibilities.

Thus, making sure no detail is overlooked, because the smallest gaps often provide the largest opportunities. Opportunities that sustain profitable growth.

Growth Consulting at strategic business development firms



Gain Deep Insight

Knowledge is power! We gain extensive knowledge through comprehensive research into your organization, customers, competitors, and markets to power the development of sound strategies.



A new unbiased perspective

To gain and keep a competitive edge, business leaders must genuinely understand the dynamics of the markets their brands compete in. They must truly know what customers truly value and fulfill their unmet needs.

It has been our experience that sometimes what customers value is different than the value proposition offered. Brands have a misconception about customer expectations and what they value most.

We provide a new, unbiased perspective that is exposed through the lens of deep insight. To ensure that current and accurate data is used to fuel innovative strategies that drive business development initiatives.



Spark innovative thinking

We expose every possibility to enable your team to view from a different perspective. While we encourage new ways of thinking by evaluating successful practices used in different industries, markets, cultures, etc.

Then we brainstorm with your team to develop and assess new ideas. All ideas are welcome, to encourage thinking outside of the box. The useful aspects are extracted from each, then combined until a consensus is reached. Resulting in a new, unique yet sound approach.



Find the perfect fit

Knowledge is power! We gain extensive knowledge through comprehensive research into your organization, customers, competitors, and markets to power the development of sound strategies.



Plan for success

Achieving goals and realizing the company vision is no easy feat. It takes sound strategies, teams of people, numerous resources and tools, long periods of time, along with focus and patience. 

Coordinating and managing all of these components requires a well developed plan. A playbook to synchronize the team. We develop winning playbooks to achieve growth goals. 



Put the plan to work

Because we are Fractional CMO’s we can implement and manage marketing, sales, and business development initiatives. After all, the CMO is the senior executive responsible for revenue generation and business development.

Our focus on organic revenue growth and marketing expertise are what separate us from traditional strategic business development firms. 

Business Development Consulting Firms

Business Development Consulting Services

Strategic Business Development firm to help your business generate organic revenue growth and improve the bottom line. We devise sound growth strategies to convert potential opportunities into realized revenue.


Go To Market Plan

We develop the playbook to conquer new markets, drive brand loyalty, and optimize perceived value. It aligns your products with the markets that are a “best fit”, the markets that value the product’s features and benefits. The plan also determines the best channels to get the product to market. Tap our years of experience and strategic expertise to develop a highly effective Go To Market plan that will drive profitable growth. 

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Growth Strategy

What’s the right strategy to generate organic revenue growth for your business?

  • Grow the core business
  • Expand into adjacent markets or products
  • Diversify into entirely new markets
  • Add new sales channels

Our strategic business development consultants will conduct extensive research and assess several factors to develop a reliable and thorough solution to one of the most significant challenges every business faces.


Sales Enablement

Enable your salesforce to sell more with the right knowledge and tools.  We empower every sales channel with the training, market knowledge, materials, and tools to accelerate the sales cycle and close more sales. Whether its your in-house salespeople or 3rd party sales channels, we will help them identify the right opportunities, educate prospective buyers about your brand and products, and clearly exemplify why they are the right choice.

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Target Audience Growth™

We conduct a thorough analysis of your sales history and your customers to identify similarities that provide opportunities for profitable business growth. Our team will assess the data to develop strategies and programs that precisely target markets with similar opportunities.

This service is also available for large accounts that your organization has chosen to pursue. To deliver greater value with Account Based Marketing (ABM).

Targeted Growth info


How to generate 1,000% revenue growth

We grew product line sales 10X (1,000%) for a manufacturer, in just two years. We applied Product Development and Market Penetration strategies to align products with best fit markets. Then we educated the sales staff and distributors and provided sales tools, target market insight, and digital collateral to accelerate sales. (Learn more)

Digital business strategy drives improvements across the board

Our client’s sales team did a poor job of selling ancillary products and services that the company offered. Salespeople took the path of least resistance, presenting only the product or service requested by the customer. They were transaction-focused and “too busy” to follow up.

We implemented an automated process to follow up with customers after their purchase to ensure satisfaction and make it easy for them to contact service and support. We also managed the development of campaigns that were tailored to various factors including demographics and purchase history. All revenues generated were recorded as house revenues. After one year, the house revenues were over 1/3rd of annual sales, and the client reduced their sales force by 40% while achieving growth goals.

Fractional CMO Services -  Strategic Marketing Expertise

Brand Strategy

Product Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Digital Strategy

Outsourced CMO

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