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Strategic Business Development Consulting Firm

Business Development Consulting driven by sound growth strategies that convert potential opportunities into realized revenue.

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Strategic Business Development Firms

Strategic Business Development Consulting Firm

If a business is not growing, it’s dying. Growth is not an option, it is vital to sustainability and prosperity. Business growth provides numerous benefits and new opportunities.

Yet, generating organic revenue growth has never been more challenging. We can help. Astute Group is a strategic business development firm that devises strategies and implements programs to generate revenue growth, increase ROI, and improve the bottom line. 

Business Development Consulting

Challenges We Address

One of the greatest challenges every CEO and business owner face is how to generate growth. There are numerous factors to consider which creates a lot of questions.

An Astute business development consultant will help answer those questions with deep insight derived from comprehensive research into your organization, customers, competitors, and markets. We thoroughly assess the research, along with external factors.

To make sure no stone is left unturned, because sometimes the large opportunities are hidden in the small gaps.

What is our competitive advantage, and how can we improve it?

How to generate additional revenue growth in the core business?

What is the best strategy for expansion beyond core offerings and markets?

How to optimize marketing and sales effectiveness for greater ROI?

How can we use technology to help improve revenue generation?

How do we make the most of sales channels?

Would a strategic alliance enhance our value proposition?

Strategic Business Development Firms

Strategic Business Development Consulting Firm

Seize Your Advantage

Let us optimize your competitive advantage and identify opportunities where it can deliver a strong value proposition. To differentiate and position your brand, exemplifying its unique value.

Expand Your Reach

We devise strategies to permeate markets utilizing various tactics that drive growth at a lower cost and quicker than entering new markets. Yet, solidifying your core foundation to enable expansion into new markets.

Sell More, Efficiently

Enable all sales channels, increase effectiveness, and improve engagement with buyers to deliver greater value. We help with training, technology, and tools that improve efficiency and increase effectiveness.

Alleviate Risk

Competition, sourcing, economic conditions and other challenges pose risks to every business. Risk increases significantly when entering new markets or developing new products. We alleviate risk with sound strategies and proven practices.

Strategic Business Development Firms

Our Approach to Business Development Consulting

Gain a new perspective that uncovers new opportunities. The core of our strategic business development consulting services is the deep insight gained through extensive research and analysis. We leave no stone unturned, researching both internal and external data to fully grasp current market conditions and factors.

Strategic Business development services to achieve revenue growth, business expansion, and increased profit margins.

Research and analysis – SWOT, PEST, and competitive intelligence

Identify the current state of the industry – growth projections, trends,  and expectations

Identify the ideal customer profile for each product and its benefits (one product may appeal to various target markets)

Uncover new opportunities in both new and existing markets

Identify new industry domains, products, or sectors for expansion that complement existing business operations

Develop strategies and implement initiatives for long-term planning

Growth Consulting Solutions 

Go-To-Market Plan

We develop the playbook to conquer new markets, drive brand loyalty, and optimize perceived value. It aligns your products with the markets that are a “best-fit”, the markets that value the products features and benefits. The plan also determines the best channels to get the product to market. Tap our years of experience and strategic expertise to develop a highly effective Go To Market plan that will drive profitable growth. 

Go To Market plan info

Sales Enablement

Enable your salesforce to sell more with the right knowledge and tools.  We empower every sales channel with the training, market knowledge, materials, and tools to accelerate the sales cycle and close more sales. Whether its your in-house sales people or 3rd party sales channels, we will help them identify the right opportunities, educate prospective buyers about your brand and products, and clearly exemplify why they are the right choice.

Sales enablement info

Target Opportunity Growth

We have developed a strategic solution to help your business grow. Accelerate profitable growth by targeting precisely defined market opportunities. These opportunities are highly segmented, targeting a geographic region, market segment, large account, or a specific customer demographic. We identify the opportunity, gauge its size, and develop the plan to seize it. 

Targeted Growth info

 Strategic Business Development Starts at the Core


Your Astute business development consultant will evaluate current activities, research new opportunities, and develop sound strategies to increase growth.

We start at the core of your business evaluating existing offerings and current markets served. There is where we can usually uncover the quickest and least expensive path to growth. It also provides a foundation for development of new markets or new offerings.  



In current products or services that have generated past organic growth


New products or services to take advantage of new growth markets


Increasing the performance of existing core activities (automation, retention, etc…)


Any combination of the three growth strategies

Business Development Services

An Astute Fractional CMO provides all of the benefits that strategic business development firms offer. In addition, they can implement and lead cross-functional business development programs. Our Fractional CMOs are growth strategy  experts with extensive experience in marketing, product marketing, Go-To-Market planning, product launch, and sales enablement. They are clearly qualified to effectively lead business development efforts.

Strategic Growth

Opportunity Development

Account Targeting

Go-To-Market Planning

Digital Transformation

Business Expansion

Market Expansion

Product Commercialization

Strategic Alliances

Channel Development

Sales Enablement

Lead Nurturing

Lead Qualification

Sales Automation

Enablement Tools

Growth Strategies for Business Expansion

We focus on organic business expansion for profitable growth. Expansion from within your business, rather than mergers and acquisitions.

Organic business expansion only has two variables; Products and Markets. However, there are numerous strategies and tactics that can be implemented. We will help you identify the right ones for your business and goals.

Go to Market Product Market Strategy


The most challenging way to grow, often providing a great opportunity for growth, but at a high level of risk.  It’s essentially starting from scratch, hence requiring time to create awareness and generate demand. This strategy is best suited for innovative products.

Product Development

Ideal for recognized brands in specific markets, or strong relationships with large accounts. The value and reputation of your brand, coupled with existing product offerings, create a strong competitive advantage that can be used to create new opportunities. In some situations, customization or slight modifications of existing products increases value by creating a new solution for an existing need.

Market Development

Potentially a shorter path to generating growth, by developing new markets for existing products. This approach generally offers greater cost efficiency than diversification and product development because it eliminates the expenses and time needed to develop new products.

Market Penetration

The least risky business development strategy. It’s about doing more of what your business is already doing and doing it better. Selling more of your products and services into existing markets. Essentially requiring improved execution of core capabilities. Increasing efficiency through technology, processes, and training is key.

Strategies for Each Stage of Growth

All growth is cyclical, and that holds true for business growth as well. We counter the down cycles with scalable strategies and agile practices, to keep your business nimble and improve sustainability.

Our business growth consulting concentrates on four stages. It’s our growth lifecycle, but this lifecycle does not hit a dead end. Instead, this lifecycle renews organically by developing new opportunities and expanding into new markets.


Launching a new product or start-up business.


Growing slower than planned or below market rate.

Growth Peak


Sales are leveling off. High profitability, increasing competitive pressure.


Turn around declining or stagnant revenues.

More Than A Strategic Business Development Firm

Marketing, Product, and Sales Enablement Expertise

The trio of sales, marketing and business development can tremendously accelerate growth when brought together to work in harmony. Unfortunately, responsibility for each is usually separated, causing a failure to appreciate the capabilities and challenges of each.

We eliminate the barriers with expertise in product marketing and commercialization, sales enablement, and strategic marketing. This means that regardless of whether you have internal resources for any one of the trio, or need our services, we will develop a cohesive team to capitalize on opportunities.

business development and marketing

Improve With Digital Transformation

We live in a digital age, one where technology plays a role in just about everything we do. The global pandemic of 2020 accelerated a digital transformation in the way business is conducted. Examples include employees working from home, online shopping, online communities, and customer service provided by bots to name a few.

Technology can tremendously improve business development in any size business by

  • Accelerating sales cycles
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Providing a favorable customer experience with your brand
  • Capturing valuable data for greater insight
  • Driving customer loyalty
  • Provides new sales channels

These are just some of the benefits. We can guide your digital transformation with strategic planning and implementation management to make sure you are taking full advantage of the capabilities. 

Digital Transformation for Business Development

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales and Marketing Automation


Digital Properties

  • Website
  • Mobile Applications
  • Digital Communities

Customer Service

Social Media

Digital Advertising

Fractional CMO services for strategic business development

What We Do

Our Fractional CMO services are developed on the premise that marketing, business development, and sales are one team whose ultimate objective is revenue generation for profitable growth. That team is led by the CMO in today's extremely dynamic, severely competitive, and information-overloaded business environment.



  • Competitive intelligence
  • Growth strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • Segment, Target, Position
  • Channel strategy
  • Pricing strategy


  • Competitive advantage
  • Go To Market Plan
  • Digital transformation
  • Marketing Plan
  • Product Marketing
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Business development plan
  • Sales enablement tools


  • Plan implementation
  • Program development
  • Coaching and workshops
  • Special projects
  • Marketing department
  • Business development
  • Annual planning




How we generated 1,000% Revenue Growth

We grew product line sales 10X (1,000%) for a manufacturer, in just two years. We applied Product Development and Market Penetration strategies to align products with best fit markets. Then we educated the sales staff and distributors and provided sales tools, target market insight, and digital collateral to accelerate sales. (Learn more)

Automation Drives Growth

Our client’s sales team did a poor job of selling any additional products and services that the company offered. Salespeople took the path of least resistance and focused only on the product or service requested by the customer. They were transaction-focused and “too busy” to follow up.

We implemented an automated process to follow up with customers after their purchase to ensure satisfaction, and make it easy for them to contact service and support. We also managed the development of campaigns that were tailored to various factors including demographics and purchase history. All revenues generated were recorded as house revenues. After one year, the house revenues were over 1/3rd of annual sales, and the client reduced their sales force by 40% while achieving growth goals.

The Astute Approach to Growth Consulting

Our growth consulting goes beyond just advising. We help implement the strategies and monitor their performance. To ensure optimal effectiveness and accelerate growth.

Experience has taught us that not all growth is good. As a result, we stick to the six following principles. Subsequently, this gives our clients the best solution to achieve their goals.


Organic growth is generated by business development. Our strategic business development consulting accelerates growth to achieve your goals.


A business that is not growing is dying, shouldn’t their strategies scale to keep up with growth? We develop scalable business development strategies that grow with your business and remain applicable at every stage of growth.


Collaboration between business development, sales, and marketing, supercharges growth. It increases opportunities and improves the performance of each department.


A popular buzzword that is overused and undervalued. True innovation is not improving the mouse trap. It’s keeping the mice away.


By increasing value perception, we minimize the impact of price while maximizing profit margins.  Resulting in accelerated growth and improved margins. 


Business development strategies Target markets that are a good fit with your product offerings. The better the fit, the greater the perceived value to the buyer, which in turn reduces the importance of price in purchasing decisions. In addition, the sales process is accelerated because your products are properly positioned to exemplify their advantages and benefits. 

Fractional CMO Services -  Strategic Marketing Expertise

Brand Strategy

Product Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy

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Virtual CMO Services available throughout the entire United States and Canada

Strategic Business Development