Growth Marketing for Business Development

Target Audience Growth™ to accelerate business development

Target Audience Growth Marketing Drives Business Development

Our exclusive Target Audience Growth™ TAG growth marketing solution is designed to accelerate business development. We develop a strategic business development plan to make the most of opportunities that are well aligned with your business. This comprehensive solution addresses product requirements, target markets, marketing channels, messaging and everything else necessary to optimize value perception and drive customer acquisition.

People are overloaded with to much information, they become overwhelmed and tune out most of it. What sticks is the information that properly fits their needs. Information that fits like a glove to solve their problems, simplify their life, and makes it easy for them to get what they want.


Accelerate Growth

Improve Margins

Penetrate Key Accounts

Excel in Target Markets

Beyond Strategic Business Development Firms

Astute Group provides a strong advantage over other strategic business development firms because we provide strategic marketing consulting. It has been proven that when  business development and marketing work together, greater results are achieved. Our approach is that marketing and business development compliment one another.

Businesses often miss opportunities for significant growth, because they target either too large or too small of an audience. Our unparalleled strategic marketing expertise enables us to define target audiences with the extreme precision of a master tailor. Resulting in a solution that fits great, achieves unparalleled satisfaction and keep the client coming back for more.

Target audiences can be defined by numerous factors, the most common are:

  • A region within a geographic market
  • Subsets of existing customers with specific attributes
  • Large enterprise accounts
  • Specific positions or job titles
infographic growth marketing vs business development

What We Do


  • Identify opportunities to target based on historical data
  • Develop and implement a Target Audience Growth™ Marketing plan
  • Measure up the size of the opportunity to ensure a worthy RoMI
  • Seize “the why factor” to capitalize on proven success
  • Define the target audience with pinpoint accuracy for optimal value perception
  • Develop strategies tailored specificially for each target audience

How it Helps


    • Increase sales quickly by concentrating on the best fit opportunities
    • Kick start sales for new offerings by focusing on clients loyal to the brand 
    • Improve profit margins
    • Control costs by limiting campaigns to well defined audiences
    • Test new markets or new offerings to gauge success or identify shortcomings 

Target Audience Growth™ Marketing Accelerates Results

We develop Target Audience Growth™ Marketing strategies that make the most of your competitive advantage. Each audience requires a separate strategy and campaign that is tailore specifically to its “Why Factor”.  Resulting in extremely efficient, yet highly effective campaigns that accelerate growth, while improving Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).


How TAG Works


Uncover the facts

There is often a disconnect between the values that brands think drive sales and what customers actually value. We will dig deep to uncover everything that customers actually value.

Find the opportunity

Once we thoroughly understand what the true value drivers are, we hunt for others that fit the profile. It must be a really good fit if we want to make the most of the opportunity. 


Seize it

Now that we have the fit, its time to tailor the campaign and deliver it. We use compeling bait to lure out our intended culprits and capture them.


What You Get

Value Analysis

Target Strategy

Market Plan

Audience Profile

Lead Generation

Customer Acquisition

Drive Growth with Business Development

Business development Organic growth is achieved through a combination of markets and offerings for both product and service providers. For every combination, there are risks and rewards. 

Go to Market Product Market Strategy

Diversification Strategy

The most challenging way to grow, often providing great opportunity for growth at a high level of risk.  It’s essentially starting from scratch, hence requiring time to create awareness and generate demand. This strategy is best suited for innovative products .

Product Development Strategy

Ideal for recognized brands in specific markets, or strong relationships with large accounts. The value and reputation of existing offerings provides a strong competitive edge.

Market Development Strategy

Potentially a shorter path to generating growth, by penetrating deeper into existing markets. This approach generally offers greater cost efficiency than diversification and product development because it eleminates new product development time and expenses.

Market Penetration Strategy

The least risky growth strategy. It’s about doing more of what your business is already doing and doing it better. Selling more of your products and services into existing markets. Essentially requiring improved execution of core capabilities.

Highly Focused Programs for Accelerated Results

Every dollar matters, especially in times of crisis. Don’t make the mistake of eliminating your marketing efforts. Rather focus on activities that will generate results. We have developed the following programs that address critical and highly effective functions.

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Traditional marketing is not measured by actual purchases, its measured on lead generation. We complete the mission, focusing on gaining the customer, not just closing the sale. We are not looking to gain a transaction, we want to build a connection and keep them coming back for more and send their friends over too. 


Selling to an existing customer is quicker, easier and more profitable than gaining a new customer. We craft strategies specific to the offering and target market(s). Then we implement with proven tactics, improving returns and penetrating deeper into the customer base.


The greatest compliment a customer can give is a referral, we give them the reason to make the referral. We will work closely with your leadership team to create a customer experience that your customers will want to brag about. Then we utilize the best channels get the message out far and wide. 

Capitalize on your Why Factor

Why did your existing customers choose your brand?

Why are customers loyal to your brand?

Why are your offerings appealing to a specific market segment, application, region, or other common factor(s)?

The why factor drives opportunities for growth. We make the most of those opportunities by identifying the why factor and targeting others that appreciate why.

We focus on the why and target with extreme precision. Our Targeted Growth Marketing

STOMP™ - Our Exclusive Method

How we deliver superior Fractional CMO services

STOMP™ is our exclusive method for delivering Fractional CMO Services that achieve optimal results. It provides a scalable framework to develop and implement solutions that give our clients a strong competitive advantage. STOMP™ incorporates agile practices that drive continuous improvement to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Strategic planning

Tactical implementation

Oversight & leadership

Measured performance

Progressive improvement

Fractional CMO services for strategic business development, marketing, and sales enablement.

What We Do

Our Fractional CMO services are developed on the premise that marketing, business development, and sales are one team whose ultimate objective is generating profitable revenue growth.  Savvy CEOs look to the CMO to lead that team in today's business environment.


  • Competitive intelligence
  • Growth and expansion strategies
  • Market development strategy
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • Segment and Target strategy
  • Positioning strategy (competitive differentiation)
  • Channel strategy
  • Unique value proposition


  • Competitive advantage
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Business development plan
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Objectives, metrics, and KPIs
  • Content plan
  • Product requirements
  • Product marketing plan
  • Product launch plan


  • Go To Market Plan
  • Marketing programs
  • Business development initiatives
  • Sales and marketing collaboration
  • Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly planning
  • Product Marketing
  • Special projects
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Digital sales transformation


Fractional CMO Services -  Strategic Marketing Expertise

Brand Strategy

Product Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Digital Strategy

Outsourced CMO

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Virtual CMO Services available throughout the entire United States and Canada

Strategic Business Development

Go-To-Market Strategy

Sales Enablement

Growth Strategy

Innovation Enablement

Digital Transformation