Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation: Quality over Quantity

Astute Group’s targeted approach and lead generation strategies will fill your lead funnels with real opportunities. We optimize performance by aligning sales and marketing efforts to work in tandem, converting a potential client into realized revenue. 

We’ll develop lead generation, nurturing, and scoring processes specifically for your business and it’s offerings. These will create significant benefits, and provide a win-win for sales and marketing, ultimately accelerating growth.  

Increase Close Rates

Shorten Sales Cycles

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Fill Funnels With Qualified Leads

What is the target demographic of your qualified leads?

What do they value? Which benefits matters most to your leads?

Who are your competitors?

How are they positioned?

Can we add value?

Unite Sales and Marketing to Optimize Lead Generation Strategy

Growth accelerates when sales and marketing departments are in agreement. That’s why we extend beyond the marketing department and work with sales leadership and business owners to define a “Qualified Lead.”

We unite both departments and resolve the most common issue between both departments: When should a qualified lead be presented to sales? The answer varies for each business and needs to be agreed upon by both sales and marketing leadership.  

Scoring and qualification standards are developed with sales leadership to ensure a qualified lead is presented to the sales team when it is truly qualified. This approach generates numerous benefits, including:

  •  Greater close rates
  •  Shorter sales cycles
  •  Reduce customer acquisition costs
  •  Improved lead follow up rates 
lead generation and qualification

Targeted Lead Generation Campaigns

Stop wasting time and money on poorly planned campaigns that utilize the latest fad in one-size-fits-all and cookie-cutter services to try and attract qualified leads. The results will hurt your lead generation strategies. 

Our strategically planned and tactically executed campaigns will create your definitive path to growth. We combine activities to deeply penetrate target markets and attract real, qualified leads. Creating efficiencies by eliminating “tire-kickers” enables sales teams to focus on their most valuable function, closing sales. That’s how we accelerate the journey through your definitive path to growth. 

Purchasing in the Information Age 

The buying process has changed, with less human interaction and greater digital communication between your sales team and qualified leads. Buyers search online for what they want when they want it. They don’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated, enabling them to make an informed decision.

Phone calls and live meetings are reserved for the select few vendors that make the final cut. Quick responses are expected in our “instant” society. We will identify and implement the best communication mediums for your target audience, making communication comfortable, convenient and easy.

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