Business Recovery Plan

Downturn Recovery

Give us 90 Days, We’ll Get You Growing Again.


A Definitive Path to Growth and Recovery

Highly Effective Strategies and Tactics

Growing a business is challenging in good times, during difficult times it becomes almost unthinkable. We turn the unthinkable into a reality by developing and implementing Business Recovery Plans that are highly focused, very effective and extremelly efficient. Accelerating performance when it’s needed most.

Our business recovery plans identify your path to definitive growth, eliminating guesswork and random marketing activities. We will work closely with your  teams to focus efforts and synchronize activities for optimal performance.

What We Do


  • Assess the situation through a new perspective from a high-caliber marketing expert
  • Evaluate every facet of your marketing efforts (brand, products, campaigns, strategies, and everything else)
  • Identify viable opportunities and develop strategies to capitalize on them
  • Eliminate guesswork and random marketing activities
  • Work side-by-side with your team, accelerating performance

What You Get


  • A 90-Day Plan to Generate Revenues
  • Access to Executive Caliber Marketing Expertise
  • Proven method for optimized performance – STOMP™
  • Turn-around the decline and gain stability
  • A roadmap to sustainability 

How We Can Help

We not only develop the Business Recovery Plan, we are available to put the plan to work or guide your team through implementation. Filling the voids in your strategic marketing and leadership.

Staying focused is critical during challenging times, every dollar matters more, every opportunity is priceless. Astute Group understands this and helps by staying focused on business recovery strategies that will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. 

90 Day Turn Around Plan

Revenue is the blood that runs through the veins of a business, a revenue downturn is like a heart attack. Our 90-day turnaround plan will restart the revenue generation quickly. This plan is is highly focused and agile, developed to operate your marketing function at optimal efficiency, while rapidly infusing revenues. We work with your sales and management teams to identify and prioritize the right opportunities. Providing a clear roadmap back to revenue growth and stability. 

• Develop a temporary budget

• Optimize staff, technology, and process

• Develop highly effective digital campaigns

• Identify and capitalize on product and market opportunities

Fractional CMO Services

Add a highly experienced, executive caliber marketing expert to your leadership team to launch your turn around efforts and accelerate growth. Gain a trustworthy and reliable advisor that will help carry the burden.

Get all the benefits of a CMO for a Fraction of the cost. Gain a Big-Picture perspective from the unbiased view from a seasoned expert, rely on our experience and knowledge to guide you back to growth.

Marketing Coaching Services

Get the support and peace of mind of having a  marketing expert to help address specific challenges and issues. Our marketing coaching services provide regularly scheduled coaching sessions as well as additional support when needed.

We help implement proven methods and practicies that get results. Enabling leaders to guide their organizations back to stability and growth.

Highly Focused Programs for Accelerated Results

Every dollar matters, especially in times of crisis. Don’t make the mistake of eliminating your marketing efforts. Rather focus on activities that will generate results. We have developed the following programs that address critical and highly effective functions. 

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