Fractional CMO Rescues a

Sinking Telecom Company

Telecom Industry


A regional telecom service provider experienced five consecutive years of declining revenues in existing markets. Growth was being generated by expanding into new geographical markets. Unfortunately developing a new market was extremely costly. Infrastructure, equipment, personnel and other resources are needed for each new geographic market.

The telecom service provider began by offering residential phone service, which made up most of their customer base. The remainder was primarily small businesses with five or less phone lines, and specific vertical markets that required ISDN phone service. Efforts to gain market share in the Mid-Size Business market were not very fruitful.



  • Primary market diminishing quickly due to technology change
  • Stop 3 years of declining revenues and high churn rates
  • Develop new offerings


  • Stopped years of declininkg revenues and generated 24 percent revenue growth
  • Attracted a buyer that acquired the firm for a premium price
  • Increased average customer lifetime value by over 300%, and recurring revenue by an average of 86%

Expertise Applied: 

Astute Approach: 

  • Developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan to realign the offerings and brand perception
  • We identified market segments that were a fit for the companies offerings and developed solutions that provided great value for each specific segment.
  • Devised and implemented a Market Development growth strategy to grow in existing markets, rather than make major investments to enter new markets.
  • Developed a targeting strategy to reach small and medium-sized business (SMB) market with new service offering efficiency and reliability 
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