A return to growth after three years of declining sales 


An IT integrator (service and product provider) had developed innovative technology. However, without a plan to launch the technology, it would have collected dust. Though the product had the potential to change the market, leadership of the firm still viewed plans to market the product as “pie in the sky” ideas, as they were amid a stretch of falling sales.

Technology Industry


  • Reversing three years of declining sales (18%) 
  • Successfully launch new innovative technology 
  • Convince leadership that marketing plans are workable for new product offering 

Expertise Applied: 

Astute Approach: 

  • Developed a Go-to-Market plan to highlight opportunities available in the market for the product 
  • Successfully positioned product for mandate from major retailor for their new contractors 
  • Created a product launch strategy that gained approval of leadership team 


  • Our client was the only integrator invited to product launch from the major retailor 
  • Innovative technology became primary offering of our client  
  • Following three years of declining numbers, the client returned to growth 
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