Drove 26% growth in one year through focus and simplicity 


A software as a service (SaaS) provider was trying to expand their reach in a crowded field of providers. Additionally, our client needed to do all of this while providing their service with minimal downtime or need for maintenance. This increased the difficulty of gaining traction among their target audience

SaaS Marketing


  • Stand out in a crowded field of competitors 
  • Increase market share without added interruption or maintenance needed 
  • Expand reach of their product without lowering margins 

Expertise Applied: 

Astute Approach: 

  • We developed a marketing strategy and growth plan focused on providing a simple service with minimal downtime or maintenance issues 
  • Created a market map highlighting an opportunity in creating a simple service with low stoppage or maintenance 
  • Developed a targeting strategy to reach small and medium-sized business (SMB) market with new service offering efficiency and reliability 


  • Increased revenue growth 26 percent in the first year 
  • Attained a new position in the market by offering a simple, efficient, and reliable service 
  • Margins remained similar 
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