Increase sales close-rate over 80% 



Our client was experiencing one of the most common issues that occurs between sales and marketing teams: At what point do you consider a lead a qualified lead. The requirements for a sales qualified lead were minimal, and not responsive to customer preferences. Forms were not utilized in the most effective manner, such as to gauge the level of interest or understand the potential client’s communication preferences.

While the sales team was receiving a high volume of “leads”, the follow-up process actually drove potential clients away. The sales funnel was not updated for current purchasing behaviors. Close rates were very low, which caused the client concern.



  • Increasing close rate on leads
  • Keeping sales staff engaged through the nurturing phase of the process
  • Personalizing sales interactions while automating the process


  • Inbound marketing
  • Lead capture, nurturing, and qualification 
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales Enablement

Astute Approach: 

  • Analyzed KPIs through Astute Analytics platform to identify gaps and failure points in the process
  • Conducted a digital marketing assessment to optimize the conversion process and increase lead capture
  • Implemented marketing automation system that
    • Worked with current CRM to seamlessly convert from marketing to sales qualified lead
    • Scored visitor activities to gauge the level of interest and when to go for the close
    • Provided dynamic responses and content based on behavior
    • Conducted automated post-sale follow up to improve customer satisfaction


  • Greater than 80 percent increase in close rates
  • Improved customer satisfaction and increased referrals
  • Enabled sales to spend more time building relationships and closing sales
  • Reduced costs and even eliminated the need to hire an additional salesperson
  • Improved sales and marketing teams moral
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