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Fractional CMO Services for Growth

Generating revenue growth is critical, yet extremely challenging. This is especially true for Small and Mid-Tier Businesses (SMBs) because they tend to have limited marketing resources. SMBs often lack strategic marketing expertise and high-caliber leadership, causing them to skip strategic planning and dive right into execution. Which tends to be trial-and-error marketing experiments that generate sporadic results and minimal, if any revenue growth. If this sounds familiar, your business will benefit greatly from our Fractional CMO Services.

An Astute Fractional CMO is an outsourced marketing executive that develops, implements, and leads the execution of marketing strategies. Strategies that develop a competitive advantage which drives customer acquisition, and retains brand loyalty, to increases sales, generate growth, and gain market share. Our Fractional CMO Services provide the benefits of a full-time marketing executive, for a fraction of the cost.  Ultimately, creating a highly favorable, cost advantageous solution for the marketing and growth challenges that so many businesses face.

Growth Achieved

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Businesses Revived

Clear Guidance from a Marketing Expert

Reaching higher revenue goals requires identifying and seizing new opportunities. The challenge is identifying those opportunities and determining which ones are right for your business, then knowing how to make the most of them.

You could experiment with trial-and-error marketing. Which often involves spending more than necessary and wasting precious time, only to experience sporadic results and minimal growth. Otherwise, bring in a highly experienced marketing expert, an Astute Fractional CMO, to drive definitive growth and reach your revenue goals.


  • Develop and implement marketing strategies that create a strong competitive advantage
  • Identify opportunities in markets that fit best with your product and service offerings
  • Position the brand to optimize perceived value, convert customers and drive brand loyalty
  • Create demand through highly effective awareness and promotion strategies
  • Identify and implement the right marketing resources (people, technology, and process)
  • Convert marketing from an expense into a revenue driver
  • Lead the marketing department – align focus, coach, and inspire personnel
  • Evolve to maintain a competitive advantage with scalable plans and agile practices

Client Challenges

  • Lack of strategic leadership for marketing

  • Declining revenues and loss of market share

  • Growth rates below industry averages

  • Inability to exceed prior growth peaks

  • Unreliable and sporadic results from marketing efforts

  • Lack of clarity on expansion or development 


How We Help

  • Provide cost effective access to executive leadership and innovative marketing strategies

  • Implement proven fundamental marketing principles used by successful brands

  • Convert marketing from an expense into a high-yield investement
    Relieve the stress caused by marketing experimentation and sporadic growth

  • Develop your highly effective, extremely efficient marketing system for sustained growth

Astute Fractional CMOs do More Than Marketing

Today’s business environment is digitally driven and highly customer focused. This creates a need for the Chief Marketing Officer to expand beyond marketing, to incorporate other skills, and lead other functions. Your Astute Fractional CMO will fill that void and empower your business with expertise and leadership in other key functions. It is like having a Fractional Chief _______ Officer as well. 

Chief Growth Officer

Your Fractional CMO will function as the “Head of Growth”.  They will develop strategies and implement proven tactics to drive,

  • customer acquisition
  • customer retention
  • lead generation
  • accelerated sales cycles

While focusing on ROI to grow the bottom line as well as the top. 

Chief Customer Officer

The primary function of every business is customer acquisition, customers are the core of any business. We will be the “voice-of-the-customer” to keep your business in touch with its most important asset.

  • customer loyalty
  • customer brand experience
  • customer satisfaction
  • referrals and reviews

Chief Communications Officer

Its not just what you say, its how you say it. Especially in today’s extremely diverse digital world.

Communications must be tailored to the target audience; this includes the message and how it is delivered. A “Baby Boomer” and a “Millennial” may have the same view or opinion but require a totally different message delivered across a different medium, to realize it.

Chief Digital Officer

A businesses digital presence can have greater impact than its actual physical presence. Having the right digital strategy is crucial. A strategy that ultimately develops a connection between the brand and the buyer. Rely on us to help with the strategies, and implementation of,

  • online/virtual communities
  • mobile applications
  • website development
  • user experience

STOMP™ - Our Exclusive Method

How we deliver superior Fractional CMO services

STOMP™ is our exclusive method for deliver Fractional CMO Services that achieve optimal results. It provides a scalable framework to develop and implement solutions that give our clients a strong competitive advantage. STOMP™ incorporates agile practices that drive continuous improvement to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Strategy - Fractional CMO


Tactics - Fractional CMO




Analytics - Fractional CMO




Types of Fractional CMO Engagements

Our Fractional CMO services are available through various engagements, designed to fit your needs, not the other way around. Each engagement is tailored specifically to your goals, resources, and challenges.

No more excuses, an Astute Fractional CMO will hit the ground running. Providing the bandwidth needed to develop a high-powered marketing system that generates growth. Rely on our strategic expertise, executive leadership, and wisdom that is developed over years of experience to solve your marketing challenges. Enabling you to focus on running your business, while we focus on growing it.

  • Continual CMO – Essentially a part-time Chief Marketing Officer for an indefinite period
  • Interim CMO – A temporary Chief Marketing Officer
  • Advisory CMO – A Chief Marketing Officer on-call, available as needed
  • Virtual CMO – Eliminate physical barriers and get the CMO services your business needs 
  • Turnaround CMO – The emergency responder that revitalizes growth
  • CMO Coach – A marketing blackbelt to train, develop and mentor management and executives

Results – Fractional CMO Services

A regional telecom service provider experienced three consecutive years of declining revenue. During that period they hired an industry veteran Sales VP, as well as an experienced marketing manager, yet the decline in revenues continued. We provided a complimentary consultation that uncovered the real issue: a lack of strategic planning and executive caliber leadership. Our CMO developed a highly targeted marketing plan which resulted in 24% growth in year two, as well as a very lucrative offer for acquisition.

The Difference Between A Fractional CMO and Other Marketing Talent

There are many facets to marketing, and numerous resources available. Understanding how it all fits together is critical to optimizing marketing and achieving goals. 

CMOs are the primary strategists and central to business development and growth. Savvy executives know the ultimate purpose of marketing is driving growth. Our Outsourced CMOs drive growth.

Your CMO will eliminate marketing guesswork that generates random results and sporadic growth. We will utilize our expertise to develop and implement the best strategies to accelerate definitive growth and achieve your goals.

    Strategic Marketing Expertise






    Astute Fractional CMO Services Insights

    What is Fractional CMO Services?

    Fractional CMO Services provide an on-demand marketing executive on a “only pay for what you need” basis. This Marketing Executive-as-a-Service provides small and mid-tier businesses with executive-caliber marketing expertise and focused leadership. The type of executive marketing leadership used by popular brands and prosperous enterprises.

    Engagements are tailored to fit your businesses goals, budget, and resources. Which makes Fractional CMO services an extremely efficient and cost effective solution to growth challenges.

    Are CMOs responsible for more than marketing?

    A study conducted by Deloitte in conjunction with the CMO Council discovered that “Now more than ever, CMOs believe they are the business-drivers of the organization and that senior leadership has high expectations for them to own growth strategies and revenue generation,”


    In addition, technology has significantly changed the responsibilities of the Chief Marketing Officer and hence those of the Fractional CMO.  According to Forbes, what was once a creativity driven role focused on brand awareness, has become a strategic role focused on driving business and generating revenue growth.

    The role of marketing in the sales process used to end at generation of marketing qualified leads that are passed on to the sales department. Now marketing completes most of, if not the entire selling process, especially after the pandemic of 2020. Essentially forcing the CMO to become the Chief Growth Officer (CGO).

    The customer experience has surpassed product quality and price as the leading driver of purchasing decisions. It drives customer acquisition and customer retention, two critical marketing KPIs. So the CMO is also the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) or Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

    New digital marketing channels such as Mobile Applications and Online Communities in addition to social media, websites, and other digital properties are critical to marketing. Which means the CMO is now the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

    As you can see, the CMO must take on additional responsibilities that go well beyond traditional marketing to achieve their objectives, and add value. Your Astute Fractional CMO is highly experienced and well versed in these additional roles.




    Can we afford a Fractional CMO?

    The simple answer is, Yes you can afford our Fractional CMO services because they are an investment that generates profitable returns.

    We validate our worth with two key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide a financial summary of your marketing function. We will provide your leadership with a monthly analysis that we call Astute Analytics™, an executive dashboard that summarizes the marketing function.

    Revenue Growth – Top line revenue generated in a give period

    Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) – A comparison of marketing costs to revenue growth in a given period

    We approach marketing as an investment, and just like any other investment, performance is measured by Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). A critical metric that gauges the entire marketing function. Revenue Growth coupled with RoMI provide tremendous insight about the financial aspect of marketing, by assessing both the top and bottom line. Its how we prove the value of our marketing expertise and convert marketing from an expense to a profitable investment.

    Does your business need a Fractional CMO?

    A Fractional CMO is ideal for organizations that

    • Are experiencing flat or declining annual revenues
    • Do not have a strategic marketing plan with objectives, budget, and, clear guidance for marketing
    • Lack executive-caliber strategic marketing expertise
    • Conduct Trial-and-Error marketing which generates sporadic results, and minimal, if any, growth
    • Have shrinking profit margins, and constant discounting to close a sale
    • View marketing as an expense, failing to realize Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI)
    • Lack a clear direction for future growth

    How we relieve one of the greatest challenges for CEOs

    Generating growth is one of the greatest challenges CEOs face. We take that challenge on with innovative strategies and proven tactics, that result in consistent growth. An Astute Fractional CMO is not an outsider, we integrate into your organization and become an intrinsic part of the team. Essentially functioning as a part-time CMO, while providing the full array of benefits. Engagements are custom-tailored to your challenges, goals, and resources.

    Our Fractional CMO services provide an “on-demand” or “part-time CMO”. Contributing the strategic marketing expertise and executive caliber leadership needed to achieve goals. Our holistic approach integrates the entire marketing function, which improves the performance of each marketing activity exponentially greater than executing individually. Consistently executing with this approach will optimize KPIs and growth rate, to eventually reach full potential.

    What to expect from Fractional CMO Services

    The primary objective of an Astute Fractional CMO is to facilitate growth, while generating a Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). To do so, we develop our Fractional CMO services to develop a strong competitive advantage for your brand. One that clearly differentiates the brand from competitors and position it where it adds the greatest value. Generating profitable growth that yields a strong return on your marketing investment.

    Your Fractional CMO will devise an innovative and powerful marketing plan that offers scalable strategies to develop a strong competitive advantage. Tactical implementation is coupled with agile practices to maintain an advantage and stay ahead of competitors. They will steer clear of the traps set by trending fads and tempting gimmicks, to eliminate uncertainty and the accompanying stress that so many businesses experience.

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