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 Make Your Vision a Reality With Outsourced CMO Services

Every business owner has a vision for their business, a pinnacle they wish to reach and goals they ultimately want to accomplish. Achieving these accomplishments usually requires the knowledge, experience, outlook, and guidance of experts such as CPA’s and Attorneys. Astute Groups’ Outsourced CMO Services provide that caliber of marketing expertise to achieve your vision.

We do not just advise, we develop and implement highly effective strategies, tactics, best practices, technology, and training to make the most of your marketing function. We also manage the execution with Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) engagements that are tailored to your needs and goals. They fill the specific gaps in your strategic marketing and leadership to achieve your vision and ultimately Realize Full Potential.

Get the benefits of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), for a fraction of the cost

Custom-tailored engagements designed to fit your needs and achieve your goals

Offload the complexities of marketing to an expert for profitable sustained growth

Expand with a new unbiased perspective from a 3rd party expert

Get Optimal Implementation from an Outsourced CMO

Rely on the executive marketing expertise of an Outsourced CMO for optimal implementation of marketing strategies. Your CMO will provide proven tactics, scalable resources, and agile practices to gain a strong competitive advantage. While driving continuous improvement to keep that edge.

An Outsourced CMO from Astute Group brings years of experience, deep insight, and strong business acumen to hit the ground running. Providing clear guidance and dedicated focus to overcome marketing challenges, and achieve goals. Relieving the stress and freeing valuable time to focus on what you want.

Client Challenges

Lack of strategic marketing expertise and clear guidance  

Marketing is viewed as supplemental, rather than a primary driver of sales and revenue growth

Marketing is tactical and short sighted,  lack of strategic planning

Temporary need for marketing expertise to fill a vacant position or execute an important project

Competitive advantage offers a weak value proposition

Poor Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI)

Marketing efforts generate sporadic results


How We Help

An Outsourced CMO integrates into your team to provide the level of strategic expertise, guidance, mentoring, and advising needed

Implement strategies, tactics, best practices, technology, and training to gain and keep a competitive advantage

Provide a new perspective from a high caliber marketing executive to uncover opportunities and weaknesses that naturally occur over time

Develop long term goals and provide the strategic plan, dedicated focus, support and guidance needs to achieve them

Outsourced CMO Service Engagements

We have designed our Outsourced CMO service engagements to be scalable and deliver the right level of help for your organization’s goals and needs. Our work is structured to fit your needs, not the other way around. Each of our Outsourced CMO engagements provides a cost effective solution that eliminates employment expenses and liabilities associated with staff.

Part-Time CMO

All of the benefits of a dedicated CMO for a fraction of the cost

Ideal For:

  • Companies looking to generate substantial growth, become market leaders, and optimize their brand perception
  • SMBs looking to expand into new markets or become market leaders
  • Venture funded startups that must accelerate growth
  • Long-term planning and sustainability
  • Visionary leaders that need help commercializing their ideas

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Temporary CMO

Goal specific Outsourced CMO services to get the job done right!

Ideal For:

  • Assistance with filling a vacated position
  • Completion of critical strategic marketing projects
  • Launching a new business, brand, or product
  • SMBs looking to expand into new markets or become market leaders
  • Recovering from sharp downturns, declining revenues, detrimental incident
  • Large digital marketing projects (websites, automation systems, virtual communities)

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Advisory CMO

Access to CMO caliber marketing expertise as needed

Ideal For:

  • Lack of quarterly or annual planning
  • Assistance with strategy development (not implementation)
  • Fully functional marketing departments reporting to CEO / COO
  • Business seeking acquisition (a profitable exit strategy)
  • Lack of executive caliber analytics

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Virtual CMO Services

Executive marketing expertise regardless of your location

Ideal For:

  • Startups or Solopreneurs that do not have facilities
  • Organizations that operate remotely
  • Businesses located in rural areas or overpriced markets
  • Organizations with tight budget limitations

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Recovery CMO

An emergency responder to resuscitate growth and sustainability

Ideal For:

  • Venture capital or other acquisition of a struggling organization
  • Three or more consecutive quarters of declining revenues
  • Recovery after a devistating event (Pandemic, The Great Resession)
  • Response to dramatic changes in market conditions (competition, regulations, etc.)

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CMO Coach

Learn to think like a CMO and develop strategic marketing skills

Ideal For:

  • Executives that want to think like a Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing management that needs to gain advanced strategic marketing skills
  • Hands-on executives that want help doing major strategic marketing projects themselves
  • Mentoring and skills development for the marketing or management team

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How an Outsourced CMO Works

Tap the expertise of an Outsourced CMO to gain the help you need for your business with one of the five CMO engagements we offer. Each is designed to fill a common void with the most effective, yet efficient approach. 

Continual (Part-Time) Outsourced CMO

Our contribution

One of our Outsourced CMOs will integrate into your executive team as a dedicated marketing executive on a part-time schedule.

  • Develop and implement highly-effective strategies to make your vision and goals realities
  • Optimize every component of the marketing function
  • Conduct weekly department meetings and monthly executive dashboard reviews
  • Empower sales channels with knowledge and resources
  • Establish performance baselines, budgets, and analytical dashboard with the right KPIs
  • Identify and obtain resources needed to operate with extreme efficiency and improve RoMI

Your benefits

  • Generate reliable growth and eliminate the concern and frustration caused by marketing experimentation
  • Optimize Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) for profitable revenue growth
  • Eliminate marketing from your list of responsibilities
  • Accelerate the journey to achieving your vision and Realizing Full Potential
  • Make the most of the marketing function and your resources with proven tactics, innovative technology, and development of skills and capabilities


Interim (Temporary) Outsourced CMO

Our contribution

Add an Outsourced CMO on an temporary basis to complete critical projects. The Interim CMO engagement is goal focused, the engagement ends when the goal is accomplished.

  • Utilize our expertise for one time projects
    • Temporarily fill a vacated CMO position while seeking a full-time replacement
    • Develop and implement a marketing plan
    • Lead development of new products or take new products to market
    • Manage development and implementation of a website, virtual community, or mobile app
    • Conduct market research and analysis to assess new market opportunities and viability
    • Almost any strategic marketing or large digital project

Your benefits

  • Seemless integration of individual projects with the existing marketing function
  • Instant access to high caliber marketing expertise that reduces downtime and hassles
  • Efficient, cost effective “only pay for what you use” access to a marketing CMO
  • Rest assured projects will be completed at a superior level of quality
  • Resolve challenges that are limiting growth and goal attainment

On-Demand (Advisory) Outsourced CMO

Our contribution

Gain a trusted advisor that is available when you need them. Have an Astute Fractional CMO on speed dial to easily tap the mind of a marketing expert.

    • Quarterly and Annual planning
    • Monthly progress meetings with analytics review
    • Availability for questions, advice, recommendations
    • Ideation and strategy development sessions

Your benefits

    • Gain dedicated focus and support for long term goals
    • Fill gaps in strategic planning for marketing
    • Advice from an unbiased seasoned expert offering a fresh perspective

Virtual CMO (vCMO) Outsourced CMO

Our contribution

Add a high-caliber marketing executive to your business, regardless of where its located or other physical limitations. We eliminate physical limitations to help your business generate substantial growth.

Get all of the key benefits of a CMO at a reduced cost. Eliminate travel, equipment, and office space expenses. 

    • Dedicated schedule like a part-time staff member
    • Weekly meeting with marketing team
      • Manage projects
      • Assess campaigns and content
    • Monthly meeting and and Astute Analytics™ reporting to chief executive
    • Resource management including processes, people, and technology
    • Comprehensive analytics to validate the Return on Marketing Investment we provide

Your benefits

    • Highly effective leadership and strategic planning 
    • Reduce cost for Outsourced CMO services
    • Generate a profitable return on marketing 
    • Development of a marketing system for sustained growth

Recovery (Turnaround) Outsourced CMO

Our contribution

Just as extreme health concerns require a highly skilled surgeon, struggling organizations require a highly skilled marketing executive. In these situations every moment is critical, one wrong move could mean fatal consequences. Therefore, you want someone with extensive experience, training, and knowledge to step in and quickly turn things around. Our Recovery CMO services are designed to generate improvement within 90 days.  

    • 90 Day emergency response marketing plan
    • Focus on target markets that yield highest returns
    • Implement tools to optimize efficiency
    • Pause or eliminate poor performing campaigns, offerings, and resources 

Your benefits

    • Save your business and increase sustainability
    • Start growing again within 90 days
    • Develop a lean and highly-effective marketing system
    • Learn what mistakes not to make again

Please be aware – Recovery CMO services will only be provided once a thorough assessment of your business is conducted by an Astute CMO. It is our duty to determine the likelihood of recovery, rather than accept a new client to increase our revenues.   

Why an Outsourced CMO?

Most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have the demand nor the budget for a full-time CMO. However, they need strategic marketing guidance and executive-caliber expertise to establish a competitive advantage. One that enables them to effectively compete, create profitable growth, and achieve goals.

Our Outsourced CMO Services provide the executive caliber marketing expertise and leadership needed to seize and maintain a strong competitive advantage. Add a pro to your team in the capacity that fits best with your needs, and forget about your marketing challenges.

outsourced cmo services

More Than a Consultant

An Astute Group Outsourced CMO is much more than a consultant. They become a part of your leadership team, providing executive-level marketing expertise while taking a vested interest in achieving your goals. 

This engagement results in a dedicated leader pulling together all aspects of marketing to reach your overall goals. They lead the charge and manage your resources, department, 3rd party service providers. As well as implement proven tactics and develop efficient and highly effective practices to unleash the power of marketing and help your business realize full potential. 

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