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Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Our outsourced marketing solutions fill the strategic planning and marketing leadership void that is common in small businesses. There is a reason mid-market and large corporations have a dedicated marketing executive, they realize marketing is an investment, not an expense. They look to the marketing executive to not only increase sales and drive revenue growth, they expect a strong Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). This is what you can expect from our Outsourced CMO solutions for small businesses.

Outsourced CMO Marketing Solutions

Outsourced CMO Services Just for Small Businesses

Every business is unique in several ways. For marketing, the differences include resources, goals, knowledge, and capabilities. That is why we develop each Outsourced CMO engagement exclusively for your business. We will provide a proposal with a detailed breakdown defining what we will do, the “Scope of the Work”,  along with what you get in the “Deliverables”, and how much it will cost.  To set clear expectations and avoid the surprises of hourly rate pricing.

The Outsourced CMO solutions below were developed specifically for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs looking to launch a new venture.  Packages can be modified to meet your specific needs.

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Advisory CMO

A trusted advisor to provide an experts perspective

$2,500/ month

Tap the expertise of an experienced marketing executive and see your business from a new and unbiased perspective. Strategically grow your business with the guidance of an expert.

Advisory CMO Focus:

Strategic Planning


Ideal For:

New business planning

Startup businesses

Restructuring/downturn recovery

Annual planning and goal setting

Expansion into new markets or new offerings

What's Included

  • Annual planning – 1/2 day workshop
  • Development of marketing plan
  • Guidance on building your marketing system (talent, processes, technology)
  • Monthly or quarterly meetings with the executive board
  • Weekly 1 on 1 call
  • Additional hours allocated for use at your discretion

Virtual CMO

Remote access to executive marketing expertise

$4,500/ month

Gain instant access to executive-caliber marketing expertise to get things rolling quickly. Your Virtual CMO will integrate into your executive leadership and marketing team to drive results.

Virtual CMO Focus:

Strategic Planning



Ideal For:

Organizations in need of strategic leadership for marketing staff

Businesses located in remote areas or outside of the US

Organizations with remote operations / virtual offices 

What's Included

  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve goals
  • Monthly meeting with the executive board, including review of Astute Analytics™ executive dashboard
  • Dedicated weekly schedule including  department meeting
  • Quarterly sales and marketing workshop
  • Oversight of plan execution
  • Continuous improvement to overcome changes in markets conditions and external factors
  • Development of marketing department and resources (Staff, technology, processes, and budgets)

CMO Workshop

1 or 2-day CMO workshops to conquer the complexities of marketing and unlock growth

Take your business to the next level
Brainstorming with an expert to uncover new opportunities and develop innovative strategies to seize them


• Strategic Planning and Development

• Focused Ideation

• Opportunity Assessment

Ideal For:

• Quarterly and Annual Planning

• Downturn Recovery Planning

• New Market Development


$5,000 One-Day Workshop*
$8,000 Two-Day Workshop*

* Includes pre-workshop meetings. Please allow 2 weeks for research and custom development. 

Custom Made

Each workshop is developed specifically for your business and goals. We begin by gaining deep insight to prepare for a fully packed, high-power day of brainstorming, collaboration, and strategic planning.

Get ready to see your business from a different perspective. An unbiased perspective that is not influenced by your company’s culture, tradition, or habits.

What We Do

We begin two weeks before the workshops by interviewing key staff members, gathering information, and conducting internal and external research which will be provided in a report and used to guide your workshop for:

  • Comprehensive analysis of CURRENT conditions to identify the right opportunities and how to seize them
  • Conduct Brainstorming meetings to spark ideation and develop innovative strategies
  • Establish a performance baseline and develop your KPI-focused executive dashboard, Astute Analytics™ to gauge performance and measure ROI
  • Custom implementation of our exclusive marketing method, STOMP™  (Strategies, Tactics, Oversight, Metrics, Progression) to develop your marketing system and generate optimal results
  • Develop plans, analyze potential risks, identify gaps and necessary resources, establish your course of action and execute

Why an Outsourced Marketing Executive is a Smart Solution

Savvy business leaders know the power of strategic marketing, they appreciate its complexity and realize that they are not marketing experts. They understand that highly effective marketing is more strategic than creative. It is driven by strategic planning which achieves goals and drives growth. They view marketing as a profit center, not a cost center. To achieve the greatest profit, they utilize the expertise of outsourced high-caliber marketing executives, we’re the outsourced marketing solution they look to for results.

Integrated Strategies

Often overlooked and taken for granted, strategic planning is the key to realizing the greatest possible return on marketing. However, not all strategies are good strategies. We couple deep insight with a broad perspective and assess from every possible angle to identify the best strategy for the desired goal. Then we integrate strategies from end to end to augment one another and achieve greater results. Strategies that drive profitable growth and achieve your goals.

Focused and Dedicated Leadership

Marketing is vast requiring various skills and capabilities. Creative, analytical, strategic, and methodical minds are needed to drive consistent and profitable growth. They need guidance and to see the big picture and understand where their role fits in.

While business leaders need to see results. Measurable, verifiable, and profitable results. Our Outsourced Marketing Executives will take care of it. You focus on running the business, we’ll focus on growing it.

Tactical Execution

Execution is key to generating optimal results. The best strategic plan in the world is useless if it is not executed properly, the greater the execution, the greater the return.

An Astute Outsourced Marketing Executive will apply proven tactics and best practices. Skills and knowledge developed through decades of experience, to ensure optimal performance and achieve full potential.