Outsourced Marketing Management

Gain a Return on Marketing Investment 

Because You Are Not A Marketing Expert,

and You Don’t Need the Stress

Astute’s Outsourced Marketing Management is a unique and efficient solution for optimizing the return on marketing and eliminate the stress of  random marketing activities. We eliminate the guess work and sporadic results, transforming marketing into a revenue function, not an expense.

Add a marketing expert and proven leader to your team, on an as needed basis, and enjoy reliable growth, improved campaign performance, and free yourself to focus on running your business. All for a fraction of the cost of a marketing executive on staff.

Client Challenges

  • Sporadic results from marketing efforts
  • Slow or minimal growth
  • Underperforming team or resources
  • Lack of strategic planning and leadership
  • Frustration and stress from marketing

How We Help

  • Develop and implement strategic plans
  • Manage resources,projects, department 
  • Develop and improve marketing staff
  • Optimize performance of campaigns
  • Drive sustainable, reliable growth
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Generate ROI

Why an Outsourced Marketing Executive

Savvy business leaders know the power of strategic marketing and realize the complexity and that they are not marketing experts. They utilize high-caliber marketing professionals to unleash that power, They understand that highly effective marketing is more strategic than creative. It is driven by strategic planning which achieves goals and drives growth.  They view marketing as a profit center, not a cost center.  We’re the outsourced marketing management experts they look to for results.

Tailored Strategies

Often overlooked and taken for granted, strategic planning is the key to getting the greatest possible return on marketing. Because one-size-fits-all does not generate high yield returns on marketing, leaving money on the table and losing opportunities.

We develop strategies specifically for the business, its products and services, and its resources and capabilities. Strategies that achieve full potential and drive profitable growth.

Effective Leadership

Marketing is vast requiring various skills and capabilities. Creative, analytical, strategic, and methodical minds are needed to drive consistent and profitable growth. They need guidance and to see the big picture and understand where their role fits in. 

While business leaders need to see results. Measurable, verifiable, and profitable results. Our Outsourced Marketing Executives will take care of it. You focus on running the business, we’ll focus on growing it. 


Best Practices

Execution is key to generating optimal results. The best strategic plan in the world is useless if it is not executed properly,  the greater the execution, the greater the return. 

An Astute Outsourced Marketing Executive will apply proven tactics and best practices. Skills and knowledge developed through decades of experience, to ensure optimal performance and achieve full potential. 

Outsourced Marketing Executive Engagements

Our outsourced marketing management is offered through engagements designed to solve the most common leadership challenges small and mid-size businesses encounter. We will also provide a custom tailored engagement for your specific project, needs and resources.  Our common engagements include,

Fractional CMO

For venture-backed startups and companies that have an entire marketing department

Marketing Coach

For business leaders who want to learn how to think like a marketing expert and lead their marketing efforts

Strategic Marketing

For small businesses that need help with market research, strategic planning, and goal setting

Project Mgmt

When the expertise of an outsourced marketing expert is needed for a variety of projects. 


A regional telecom and internet service provider experienced dramatic declines in new customer enrollment. They realized that marketing was necessary to turn things around and help the sales team drive growth.

They recruited a marketing manager from a popular consumer brand and thought that was the solution to their problem. What they didn’t realize is that the marketing manager was not the one developing the strategies and plans. Marketing managers are generally operation level marketing leaders. They don’t see or understand the big picture. As a result marketing efforts were random and independent, returning minimal to no results. 

We stepped in conducted in-depth research and developed a comprehensive marketing plan. We went full-circle and brought together every aspect of marketing and measured performance. The end result was marketing become a revenue stream, rather than an expense. 


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