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Growth Strategies for Each Stage

All growth is cyclical, and that holds true for business growth as well. We counter the down cycles with scalable strategies and agile practices, to keep your business nimble. Which enables you to react quickly and slow or stop any decline.

Our business growth consulting concentrates on four stages. Its our growth lifecycle, but this lifecycle avoids a dead end. Instead, this lifecycle renews organically by developing new combinations of markets and product offerings.


Launching a new product or start-up business.


Growing slower than planned or below market rate.

Growth Peak


Sales are leveling off. High profitability, increasing competitive pressure.


Turn around declining or stagnant revenues.

If A Business is Not Growing, it’s Dying

Business growth is one of the greatest challenges any CEO faces. It’s one of the few things that keeps them up at night. Growth is critical to business sustainability. The most profitable business growth is organic. The growth generated by the businesses operations. Achieved through strategies that adjust the alignment of products and markets, based on the current stage of growth. 

Client Challenges

  • Growth rates lower than market avg
  • Entering new markets
  • Diminishing demand for offerings
  • Profit margins declining
  • Inconsistent, sporadic growth

How We Help

  • Generate reliable growth with consistency
  • Develop and implement organic growth strategies
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Help generate qualified leads
  • Collaborate sales and marketing

Growth Consulting Offerings

Go-To-Market Plan

We develop the playbook to conquer new markets, drive brand loyalty, and optimize perceived value. It aligns your products with the markets that are a “best-fit”, the markets that value the products features and benefits. The plan also determines the best channels to get the product to market. Tap our years of experience and strategic expertise to develop a highly effective Go To Market plan that will drive profitable growth. 

Go To Market plan info

Sales Enablement

Enable your salesforce to sell more with the right knowledge and tools.  We empower every sales channel with resources the training, market knowledge, materials, and tools accelerate the sales cycle and close mroe sales. We help them identify the right opportunities, educate prospective buyers about your brand and products, and clearly exemplify why its the right choice.

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Target Opportunity Growth

We have developed a strategic solution to help your business grow. Accelerate profitable growth by targeting precisely defined market opportunities. These opportunities are highly segmented, targeting a geographic region, market segment, large account, or a specific customer demographic. We identify the opportunity, gauge its size, and develop the plan to seize it. 

Targeted Growth info

The Astute Approach to Growth Consulting

Our growth consulting goes beyond just advising. We help implement the strategies and monitor their performance. To ensure optimal effectiveness and accelerate growth.

Experience has taught us that not all growth is good. As a result, we stick to the six following principles. Subsequently, this gives our clients the best solution to achieve their goals.


Organic growth is a natural function of business. Our business strategy consultants accelerate growth and help clients achieve their goals.


By increasing value perception, we minimize the impact of price while maximizing profit margins.


Collaboration between customer service, sales and marketing, finding every opportunity, and improving existing efforts. A comprehensive, holistic approach. 


A popular buzzword that is overused and undervalued. True innovation is not improving the mouse trap. It’s keeping the mice away.


A business that is not growing is dying. We develop scalable growth strategies that are applicable at every stage of growth.


Targeting markets and forming a good fit with offerings increases perceived value and reduces the importance of price. What’s more, it also makes it easier for buyers to choose your brand and shortens the sales cycle. Resulting in accelerated growth and improved margins. 

Growth Strategy Implementation

An Astute Growth Consultant will evaluate current activities, research new opportunities, and develop the best strategies to increase growth and achieve your full potential. We don’t stop there, organic growth strategies are only as good as their execution. We help formulate the right combination of improvement, creation, and investment in products and markets to optimize profitable growth.


In current products or services that have generated past organic growth


New products or services to take advantage of new growth markets


Increasing the performance of existing core activities (automation, retention, etc.)


Any group of the three growth strategies


How we generated 1,000% Revenue Growth

We grew product line sales 10X (1,000%) for a manufacturer, in just two years. We applied Product Development and Market Penetration strategies to align products with best fit markets. Then we educated the sales staff and distributors and provided sales tools, target market insight, and digital collateral to accelerate sales. (Learn more)

Automation Drives Growth

Our clients sales team did a poor job of selling additional products and services that the company offered. Sales people took the path of least resistence and focused only on the product or service requested by the customer. They were transaction focused and “too busy” to follow up.

We implemented an automated processes to follow up with customers after their purchase to ensure satisfaction, and make it easy for them to contact service and support. We also managed the development of  campaigns that were tailored to various factors including demographics and purchase history. All revenues generated were recorded as house revenues. After one year, the house revenues were over 1/3rd of annual sales, and the client reduced their sales force by 40%, while achieving growth goals.

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