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If A Business is Not Growing, It’s Dying

Growth is critical to business sustainability, it is also one of the greatest challenges facing CEOs. The most profitable growth is organic growth. Achieved through strategies that adjust the alignment of products and markets, based on the current stage of growth.  We provide business growth consulting that generates definitive, profitable growth. Creating a scalable solution that ensures your business’s sustainability while helping Achieve Full Potential. 

 Business Growth Strategies for Each Stage

Business growth is cyclical due to factors such as competition, market changes, buyer behavior, and several others. Ideally a business will spend most of its time in the profitable stages. Our business growth consulting develops strategies specifically for your business and it’s stage of growth. Scalable strategies that evolve as the business grows. Isn’t it time to stop guessing and start growing, reliably, consistently, and profitably.


Launching a new product or start-up business.


Growing slower than planned or  below market rate.

Peak Growth Stage


Sales are leveling off. High profitability, increasing competitive pressure.


Turn around declining or stagnant revenues.

Client Challenges

  • Growth rates lower than market avg
  • Entering new markets
  • Launching new products
  • Profit margins declining
  • Experiencing sporadic growth


How We Help

  • Generate reliable growth with consistency
  • Develop and implement organic growth strategies
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Help generate qualified leads
  • Collaborate sales and marketing 

The Astute Approach to Growth Consulting

Our growth consulting goes beyond just advising. We help implement the strategies and monitor their performance. To ensure optimal effectiveness and accelerate growth.  

Experience has taught us that not all growth is good. As a result, we stick to the six following principles. Subsequently, this gives our clients the best solution to achieve their goals. 


Organic growth is a natural function of business. Our business strategy consultants accelerate growth and help clients achieve their goals. 


A popular buzzword that is overused and undervalued. True innovation is not improving the mouse trap. It’s keeping the mice away. 


By increasing value perception, we minimize the impact of price while maximizing profit margins. 


A business that is not growing is dying. We develop scalable growth strategies that are applicable at every stage of growth. 


Collaboration between customer service, sales and marketing, finding every opportunity, and improving existing efforts. A comprehensive, holistic approach. 


Targeting markets and forming a good fit with offerings increases perceived value and reduces the importance of price. What’s more, it also makes it easier for buyers to choose your brand and shortens the sales cycle. Resulting in accelerated growth and improved margins. 

Organic Growth Strategies for Business

Organic growth is achieved through a combination of markets and offerings for both product and service providers. For every combination, there are risks and rewards. Astute Group conducts detailed market and competitive research, along with in-depth analysis, to gain valuable insights. Growth strategies are then developed and used in a Go-to-Market plan. 

We go beyond growth consulting by leading and managing execution of plans. Additionally, we keep leaders aware of performance with reporting on KPI’s, allowing them to track returns. 

Market Expansion Strategies

Markets are defined by a variety of common factors. This makes it simple and appealing to find new markets for growth. Demographics, customer type, location, and other variables, though similar to one of your current markets, can be misleading. Do not make the mistake of thinking two markets are identical solely based on their similarities. 

Having in-depth knowledge of potential new markets is critical to success. We use why market research, analysis,  assessment, review of prior successes, surveys, focus groups, and online surveys to gain deep insight. Utilizing that insight to identify opportunities and capitalize on them. 

Product Diversification Strategies

A quick and easy method for growth is offering new or added products and services to existing customers. These new offerings can also become part of your efforts in expanded markets. What can be tricky about new offerings is finding what creates value in your new products or services. Market research, customer feedback, and test market studies are key to finding your value proposition. 

go to market plan matrix

Diversification – New Markets, New Offerings

The most challenging way to grow, and the riskiest. It’s essentially starting a new business. Strategic planning and innovation are critical. We can help with a Go-To Market Plan, Product Marketing, Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Strategies.

Product Development – New Markets, Existing Offerings

Generally regarded as the least expensive path to growth, finding new clients for existing products and services. We can provide the Go-To-Market Plan, Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Strategy, Promotion Strategy, as well as Pricing Strategies.

Market Development – Existing Markets, New Offerings

Potentially the quickest approach for generating growth, sell more products and services to existing customers. Either by reaching other departments or developing new products and services. We’ll make it happen with Product Marketing Consulting, Sales Process Development, Lead Generation Strategies, and Branding Strategy.

Market Penetration – Existing Markets, Existing Offerings

The least risky growth strategy. It’s about doing more of what your business is already doing and doing it better. Selling additional products to existing customers, reaching more potential buyers in existing accounts, improving processes. Essentially performing better on core capabilities.

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Growth Consulting Offerings


Go-to-Market – Growth Consulting

Go To Market

 A business strategy developed to create growth by entering new markets, offering new products or services, or a combination of both. 

We will develop and implement the plan that will generate demand and penetrate target markets. Driving growth and profitability.

Marketing and Sales – Growth Consulting

Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Achieving Full potential requires sales and marketing to seamlessly work together. The two must become one, focused on driving growth.

That is why we break down the dividers between staff and align efforts, creating a unified growth team. 

Innovation – Growth Consulting

Innovation Strategies

Improvement and innovation are not the same thing. Through in-depth research and big picture perspective, we help you develop a greater understanding and trigger innovations. 

Lead Generation – Growth Consulting

Inbound Marketing – Lead Management

Attract leads and qualify them digitally.  We’ll develop the inbound marketing strategies that generate, nurture and qualify QUALITY leads that are very likely to become buyers. 

Growth Strategy Implementation

An Astute Growth Consultant will evaluate current activities, research new opportunities, and develop the best strategies to increase growth and achieve your full potential. We don’t stop there, organic growth strategies are only as good as their execution. We help formulate the right combination of improvement, creation, and investment in products and markets to optimize profitable growth. 



In current products or services that have generated past organic growth 


New products or services to take advantage of new growth markets 


Increasing the performance of existing core activities (automation, retention, etc.) 


Any group of the three growth strategies 

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