Growth Marketing

ROI Focused Marketing

Our approach to Growth Marketing is that it must generate a measurable return on investment. Marketing that goes beyond lead generation and nurturing at the top of the funnel, to improve performance across the entire funnel. Resulting in higher close rates, improved customer retention, more referrals and increased revenues. No more pointing fingers between sales and marketing. This is what separates the boys from the men.

Client Challenges

  • Sporadic, unreliable growth
  • Poor customer retention rates
  • Unsatisfactory referral rates
  • Low marketing ROI
  • High customer acquisition cost

How We Help

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase repeat customer volume
  • Drive more referrals
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness

Growth Marketing Solutions

We go beyond the traditional marketing goals of creating awareness, generating leads and qualifying them. Our growth marketing focuses on the the three areas that generate revenues, growth and return on investment.


Traditional marketing is not measured by actual purchases, its measured on lead generation. We complete the mission, focusing on gaining the customer, not just closing the sale. We are not looking to gain a transaction, we want to build a connection and keep them coming back for more and send their friends over too.



Selling to an existing customer is quicker, easier and more profitable than gaining a new customer. We craft strategies specific to the offering and target market(s). Then we implement with proven tactics, improving returns and penetrating deeper into the customer base.


The greatest compliment a customer can give is a referral, we give them the reason to make the referral. We will work closely with your leadership team to create a customer experience that your customers will want to brag about. Then we utilize the best channels get the message out far and wide. 


Our clients sales team did a poor job of selling additional products and services that the company offered. Sales people took the path of least resistence and focused only on the product or service requested by the customer. They were transaction focused and “too busy” to follow up.

We implemented an automated processes to follow up with customers after their purchase to ensure satisfaction, and make it easy for them to contact service and support. We also managed the development of  campaigns that were tailored to various factors including demographics and purchase history. All revenues generated were recorded as house revenues. After one year, the house revenues were over 1/3rd of annual sales, and the client reduced their sales force by 40%, while achieving growth goals.

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