Sales and Marketing Consulting

Sales and Marketing are becoming one and the same

Sales and Marketing Collaboration is Key

Astute Group’s approach to Sales and Marketing Consulting is developed around the premise that sales and marketing are ultimately trying to achieve the same goal, customer acquisition. They function as two halves that need to unite to form one team. We break down the barriers and help build a culture of unity that aligns sales and marketing to focus on growth.

It is no longer a matter of being sales-driven or marketing-driven, it is all about the customer.  Specifically, the acquisition, retention, and satisfaction of customers. The reality is that customers are now in greater control of the buying process. Sales and marketing processes must adapt to create a customer-driven team.

Client Challenges

Lack of a harmonious lead qualification and nurturing process 

Sales and marketing blame each other for not attaining goals

Confusion on MQL vs SQL 


How We Help

Uniting sales and marketing creates a highly effective customer acquisition process that accelerates growth and the achievement of full potential.

Targeted sales processes simplify customers’ decision making, while a purchasing process tailored to that target market’s preferences adds value.

In the vast majority of organizations, digital marketing is the primary and most effective channel for lead generation, however traditional marketing activities should not be ignored.

Develop standards for qualified leads that optimize efficiency and conversion rates. Timing is key and technology can greatly help identify when to engage the client and what offering(s) they are seeking .

CMO Workshops

High-Powered strategies from a new perspective

Get a fresh perspective form a highly experienced marketing expert, an Astute Fractional CMO. 

Starting at

$5,000 One-day workshop

$8,500 Two-day Workshop

We begin with research and analysis to prepare for a fully packed, high-power day of brainstorming, collaboration, and strategic planning. Get ready to see your business from a different perspective. An unbiased perspective that is not influenced by your companies culture or management. 

Product workshops

Strategic Planning workshops

Sales and Marketing workshops

The Sales Process

The Information Age has Changed the game for Sales and Marketing Consulting

The sales process began to change with the advent of the internet and then e-commerce. Today, broadband internet speeds are a standard, video streaming is mainstream, and social media is a part of everyday life. Information is readily available, in a variety of formats, from multiple sources. All of these factors have impacted how purchasing decisions are made.

Most people hate being sold to. Instead, they like to be informed. Now that information is so readily available and easy to access, a majority of B2B buyers make typical purchasing decisions before ever talking to a salesperson.

Sales vs Marketing Roles

There is a popular sales funnel model that identifies six phases buyers go through when making a purchase. The current model of this process identifies the increased role marketing has in the journey with responsibility for the first four phases through the Intent stage. The old model shows marketing’s role ending after the Interest phase, and sales managing the remaining four phases.

Astute Group’s sales and marketing consulting solutions are built on the premise that the level of involvement of each function in the sales and marketing funnel is not a standard, it should be adaptive to the value and/or importance of the product or service. Value in this context is not limited to strictly monetary value, it is value created by any factor.  For example, a reusable or biodegradable may have minimal monetary value, yet hold tremendous value to a conservationist or a restaurant that wishes to exemplify eco-friendly behaviors. 

The sales process for an impulse or low-value item can now be done completely through marketing (for example the purchase of supplies or standard parts). Whereas the sales process for high value or major purchasing decision is ideally best suited for a salesperson to be heavily involved. Of course, there are exceptions. We will identify the best sales process for your offerings. 

sales and marketing consulting funnel

The above diagram provides a basic framework for identifying sales or marketing responsibilities in the common sales funnel model. The columns on the right identify the value or type of product offered. It is not intended to be an absolute standard. Our approach to sales and marketing consulting identifies varying roles dependent upon the value of the product or service. Value is not limited to monetary value, it is value created by any factor.

The Sore Spot – Lead Generation and Qualification 

The most common issue that we have experienced throughout our years of sales and marketing consulting is how to define a qualified lead. The old sales funnel had a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). The problem is that “qualified” is subjective. Therefore, what marketing considers qualified is usually very different from what sales consider qualified.

A marketing qualified lead usually had minimal requirements, such as a response to a mailer, or a phone call from an ad, etc. Meanwhile, a sales qualified lead usually meant that a salesperson had spoken to the prospect and there was significant interest in the product or service offerings. Today, that distinction holds less value.

In the digital world, marketing can actually complete the entire transaction in some cases. For other situations, marketing will generate and qualify leads. There are tools readily available to gauge the level of interest or the caliber of the opportunity.

A qualified lead is a qualified lead. There should not be a difference in sales or marketing qualified. In a unified team, that difference does not exist.