Sales Enablement Consulting

Empower Sales Teams

Our sales enablement consulting is highly focused on providing salespeople with the right resources, processes, and technology needed to sell effectively. We focus on improving every sales touch-point with buyers, providing a pleasant experience that adds value and simplifies purchasing decisions. Resulting in measurable improvements on time spent selling, win rates, and deal size.

Increase close rates

Shorten sales cycles

Improve margins

Satisfy customers

For Clients Challenged With

  • Poor Lead Close Ratios
  • Lack of Collaboration between Sales and Marketing
  • Mapping the Sales Funnel
  • Losing More Sales to Competition
  • Constant Discounting of Price to Close Sales
  • Poor Use of Technology in Sales Process

How We Help

  • Define Criteria for a Qualified Lead
  • Implement Marketing Automation to Help with Lead Follow Up
  • Build a Collaborative Culture between Sales and Marketing
  • Develop Sales Funnel Process Specific to Your Offerings
  • Provide Competitive Intelligence and Identify Opportunities
  • Develop Internal Tools for Sales 
  • Train on Product-Specific Sales Tactics

Sales Marketing Collaboration

Unite Sales and Marketing teams to drive growth at full speed. We break down barriers and align focus on team goals. Creating a seamless customer acquisition process.


  • Improve lead management (SQL & MQL)
  • Optimize Follow Up Processes
  • Increase close rates
  • Gain market share

Marketing Automation

Once a lead is identified, it takes an average of 8 interactions to close a sale. Automate some of those interactions and track the response to gauge the level of interest and forecast with greater accuracy.


Coaching and Development

Knowledge is power, especially when it’s competitive intelligence and product knowledge in the hands of a sales representative. We specialize in


  • Product Sales Coaching
  • Buyers journey coaching
  • Lead nurturing and qualification
  • Technology implementation




Our client used a unique design tool on their website which required users to submit their contact info in order to download their design. This was considered enough to be a sales qualified lead. The process required a sales person to call the “lead” within 24 hours of download. In most cases, that was the only contact initiated by the sales team and close rates were less than 18%.

We came in and helped redefine marketing (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) which wasn’t easy. We had to persuade the sales team by conducting A/B testing and verify the improvement.  We developed and implemented a lead nurturing and qualification process that resulted in an 80% increase in close rates, improved customer experience, and improved sales team morale.

Internal Bias

It can be challenging to accept that an outsider can come in and improve the sales process. After all its your business, who knows it better than you. The reality is that entrepreneurs develop an internal bias towards their own ideas and developments. Limiting improvement and potentially losing opportunities.

Our sales enablement consultants are unbiased outsiders who see things differently. We provide a big-picture view from different angles and factor in external and internal factors that are often overlooked. After all, it is not uncommon to hit “cruise control” once operations get rolling.

Sales Enablement Consulting

Technology Implementation and Optimization


Technology is what sets apart the great salespeople from the rest. Savvy salespeople know how to take advantage of CRM systems, process automation, and other technologies. We can help with the implementation and training for marketing automation systems. Lead nurturing and qualification processes. Social media tools, and other digital resources that help sales people sell more. 


Sales Enablement Consulting

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