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Sales Enablement Consulting Services

Our approach to sales enablement consulting includes servcies that go beyond the in-house sales team, to include both direct and indirect sales channels. Sales Enablement is “the process of giving your sales team everything they need to close deals”, according to SalesforceWe view sales enablement as a critical function that empowers your entire sales force with the most current knowledge about products and services, competitors, and market conditions. Along with powerful tools that accelerate sales cycles and enable your sales force to sell more.

Increase close rates

Shorten sales cycles

Improve margins

Increase qualified leads

Sales Enablement Consulting the Astute Way

Our approach to sales enablement consulting is product and market focused. We make sure that all of sales channels your business uses can present as product “experts”.  First we train and coach sales teams about products, market conditions, and competitors. Then we identify target audiences and their challenges that your product or service solves, as well as develop reference tools and cheat sheets, as a backup. To ensure that buyers can clearly see your sales force adds valuable knowledgeable that deserves direct interaction.

 Our goal is to inform your sales channels, and ultimately buyers, about your products and services. To make it crystal clear who the target audience is, why this product is the right choice, exemplify why its better than a competitive offering, and knowledgeably answer questions. Ulimately making it simple for the buyer to realize this is the right choice, minimize the importance of price, and accelerate the sourcing process.

Client Challenges

  • Difficulty getting the right information in front of the right audience
  • Indirect sales channels are not selling much of your products
  • Lack of product marketing materials or sales tools
  • Regularly losing opportunities to a specific competitor or discounting price
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Poor use of technology in sales process

How We Help

  • Develop impactful messaging that clearly expresses benefits to target audiences
  • Implement marketing automation to help with lead nurturing and follow up
  • Provide training, reference materials, and digital tools to ensure product knowledge
  • Provide Competitive Intelligence and Identify Opportunities
  • Stimulate indirect sales channels and develop loyalty
  • Train on Product-Specific Sales Tactics

Coaching and Training – Sales Enablement Services

Knowledge is power when it comes to selling products and services. Buyers generally avoid salespeople like the plague. When they do engage with them, they want to acquire knowledge. They expect reliable answers to their questions, ideally the right answer, immediately. The salespeople that take on a “product expert” mentality tend to excel. A true expert will have deep knowledge of competitors offerings, as well as their own.

We go beyond sales enablement consulting with coaching services. An Astute Marketing Coach will train your sales force to provide a deep understanding of market trends and expectations, along with competitors and their offerings. Most importantly, they will know how and why. How your products are better, and why it matters to that target audience. Helping make it clear to clients that your products as the right choice.

Sales Tools

Our sales enablement consulting will equip your sales teams with the best tools to do the job efficiently and effectively. Tools that provide valuable knowledge and compelling content, to help the prospective client appreciate your products and services. 

  • Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) summaries
  • Competitive product comparisons
  • Industry trends
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Target specific sales process
  • Target audience profile(s)
  • Discovery questions
  • Success summaries (case studies)



Lead Nurturing and Qualification

When and how your sales force engages with a lead is critical, and challenging. Especially with so much of the purchasing process being completed “online”.  We help you make the most of digital interactions with your brand through automated lead nurturing and scoring.

Once a lead is identified, it takes an average of 8 interactions to close a sale. Automate some of those interactions and track behavior to gauge the level of interest and forecast with greater accuracy.

How we help

  • Improve sales productivity
  • Nurture and qualify leads
  • Customize content by behavior
  • Convert prospects into clients
lead generation and qualification

 Sales Channel Enablement

Rely on our sales channel enablement services to stimulate direct and indirect B2B channels and help increase sales. Your sales force will have all the resources they need to close more sales and eliminate excuses.

If your sales force included indirect channel partners, we will develop resources and training specifically for them. So that the fully understand and appreciate your brand and its products.

Direct B2B

  • Sales team
  • eCommerce

Indirect B2B

  • Resellers
  • Distributors
  • Value Added Reseller
  • Agents
  • Consultants

Sales Enablement Services – Technology

Sales Enablement Consulting

Technology has and continues to change the purchasing process. Technology also provides an opportunity to gain a strong competitive edge. Website, CRM, Marketing Automation, and other digital tools are powerful resources that can provide tremendous benefits. Utilized effectively, they will help your business gain a deep understanding of clients, sales trends, and so much more. To ultimately sell more with greater efficiency.

We can help with your digital marketing strategy and the implementation of crm and  marketing automation systems. These systems can be overwhelming with tons of features and capabilities. We will save you from the stress and frustration caused by trying to understand whats beneficial and whats a waste of time.


Align Products With Markets to Sell 10X More

Our client developed a product so innovative, it was patented. Yet sales were dismal, although the product was highly promoted and a lead offering on sales calls. We researched the market and directly spoke to lost opportunities and current customers to gain insight. Then we had independent testing done to qualify benefits. With that information we identified the ideal market segments, developed targeted messaging, and properly positioned the product line as the best in class offering for target markets. Then we enabled the sales team with the right tools and market knowledge to drive 1,000% (10X revenues) growth in just two years.

Close More Deals with Less Effort

When is a lead considered qualified? One client used a “one-size-fits-all” lead nurturing process. A process that included, an immediate autoresponse email, then a follow up email the next day, and a phone call on day three. The call often pushing the opportunity away. Sales people dreaded making the calls and prospects disliked receiving them. We implemented automated lead nurturing and scoring which resulted in approximately one third the number of calls being made, and an 80% increase in lead close rates.

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