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We are not, nor do we want to be everything to everyone. Optimizing value is at the heart of our strategic planning and the core of our mission. For that reason, Astute Group does not offer One-Size-Fits-All, Cookie Cutter services.

Our strategic marketing and growth expertise is specific to professional services, and technology firms, including private equity, and eCommerce. Industries in which we optimize value through experience, extensive knowledge, prior success, and deep insight.

Strategic Marketing Solutions, Not Just Services

Stop guessing. Start growing. Eliminate random marketing activities and generate reliable growth. Astute Group provides numerous industries with fractional CMO services to remove the guess work from marketing activities and achieve full potential.

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Professional Services

Marketing an intangible such as a professional service requires strategies that optimize perceived value. Trust must be earned and value must be clear. We maximize brand value and perception to clearly differentiate from competitors.

  • Law Firms / Legal Practices
  • Accounting / CPA’s
  • Engineering Services
  • Consulting Firms
  • Uninsured Health Services
  • Veterinary Science


When an industry moves at the speed of light, timing is critical. Value can quickly diminish. The technology sector is cutting-edge and requires precise execution. We know because this is the industry we focused on initially.


  • Telecommunications
  • IT Services
  • IT Equipment
  • SaaS / Cloud Services
Technology Industry


Few industries grow as fast as eCommerce has. In order to compete, organizations must be scaleable and fluid with quick execution. The competitive landscape is changing constantly, and there are minimal barriers to entry when compared to brick and mortar businesses. Therefore, competitive strategies must be solid, and brand perception is key. The brand experience is the real value driver.

• Business-to-Business

• Business-to-Consumer


Private Equity

Accelerate growth with the expertise and leadership of Astute Group. Eliminate guesswork and costly mistakes, stay focused on the areas of highest growth impact.

Build great brands, generate demand for offerings, optimize margins and penetrate target markets. That is how we drive definitive growth. Resulting in higher valuations and optimal returns at liquidation.

Private Equity Industries

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