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Think like a marketing expert with the guidance of an Astute Marketing Coach

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Marketing Coaching Services

Whether the goal is to learn how to develop highly effective marketing strategies, or improve existing marketing personnel’s performance an Astute Marketing Coach will get it done.  Learn how to think like a marketing expert and drive results.

We address key disciplines like  strategic planning, brand perception, margin optimization, revenue growth, personnel and department development, and more of the stuff that really moves the needle. Our coaching combines best in class strategies, tactics, processes and tools to provide a highly effective solution for your marketing challenges.

Think like a marketing expert

Develop and evolve personnel

Eliminate trial and error marketing

Improve Return on Marketing Investment

Client Challenges


  • CEO/Owner managing marketing dept
  • Lack of strategic marketing planning
  • Weak department leadership
  • Underperforming campaigns
  • Need to develop staff skills and knowledge
  • Looking to promote from within org

How We Help


  • Think like a strategic marketing expert
  • Identify KPI’s and ROI, utilize marketing analytics
  • Enhance and improve the capabilities of marketing team
  • Implement the proven fundamentals of marketing
  • Reduce dependency on costly 3rd party service
  • Accelerate professional growth of marketing leadership

Is a Marketing Coach the Right Solution for your Business?

Decide for yourself

Astute Groups Marketing Coaching is ideal for,

  • Organizations that have a marketing team but do not have high caliber leadership
  • Under-performing marketing departments
  • Business owners who want to take full advantage of the power of marketing
  • Organizations that want to enhance or improve existing marketing talent
  • Leaders that want to understand how to effectively manage and gauge marketing resources
Marketing coach

Our Exclusive Method

Over a decade of experience has enabled us to develop a method to our greatness (not madness). Astute Group’s exclusive Strategies, Tactics, Operations, Management, and Performance (STOMP™) method provides a framework to develop a sustainable solution specifically for your business and its goals.

Strategic thinking




Management Oversight


Metrics Graph


Progressive evolution


How Does Astute Group Implement Marketing Coaching?

We offer  three levels of standard coaching engagements, as well as customer tailored engagements designed to address the specific challenges of the organization, its goals, and its resources. Click on the button below for a detailed breakdown.


Astute Marketing Coach Benefits

Our Marketing Coaching solutions help your leadership or marketing team develop the mindset of a strategic marketer. Learn how to generate “more bang for your buck.”


Optimize Marketing ROI

Astute Group operates with a core value that Marketing is an investment, not an expense. It is the one function in a business that generates revenues and creates a Reutrn on Investment (ROI), if that investment is done properly.

Our Marketing Coaching program is designed to train leaders on how to build their own marketing system. Through our program, your team will become a high-performance marketing system that achieves goals and generates optimal ROI to reach definitive growth.

marketing coach and client

Drive Sustainable Growth 

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate growth. However, marketing is a complex and vast discipline, with numerous moving parts. It is easy to get lost and waste time and money, valuable resources for any business, on efforts that generate little to no results.

An Astute Group Marketing Coach will help develop a definitive path to growth specifically for your organization. Through our partnership, your organization will effectively and efficiently achieve the ultimate goal, growth.


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