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An Astute Fractional CMO as Your Marketing Coach

Small business owners take on numerous responsibilities and fill multiple roles in their organization. The marketing executive is possibly the most important and the most challenging because it drives revenues and requires development of high-caliber strategies. Luckily an Astute Fractional CMO is available as your Marketin Coach. Its like learning the martial arts from 8th degree black belt Grand Master, without all the pain and bruises.

Whether the goal is to learn how to develop highly effective marketing strategies, or improve existing marketing personnel’s performance an Astute Marketing Coach will mentor and help develop the skills and knowledge.  Learn how to think like a marketing expert to improve your return on marketing investment (RoMI) . We address key disciplines like marketing strategies, branding, product and service offerings, customer acquisition and retention, revenue growth, personnel and department development, the stuff that really moves the needle. Our coaching also address best in class technology, tactics, processes, and tools to help you develop a highly effective solution for your marketing challenges.

Think like a marketing expert

Reduce dependency on services

Develop your marketing team

Improve efficiency, accelerate execution

Client Challenges

  • CEO/Owner managing marketing dept
  • Starting a new business
  • Seeking 3rd party funding
  • Lack of strategic marketing planning
  • Weak department leadership
  • Looking to promote from within org

How We Help

  • Think like a strategic marketing expert and improve RoMI
  • Identify KPI’s and ROI, utilize marketing analytics
  • Enhance and improve the capabilities of marketing management
  • Develop materials needed to secure funding
  • Reduce dependency on costly 3rd party services
  • Improve agility to keep you ahead of competition

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Your Marketing Coach will help develop your strategic marketing and planning skills. The skills needed to grow and expand your business. You will look at opportunities differently and gain a greater understanding of the strategic marketing process. Skills that will enable you to put the power of marketing to work to optimize your brand perception, create demand, acquire customers and ultimately drive profitable growth.

Develop Powerful Strategies Learn to think like a marketing expert and develop strategies that generate greater results more efficiently.

Provide Clear GuidanceEliminate trial-and-error marketing experiments by utilizing your new gained knowledge to identify objectives, communicate effectively, and implement strategic plans.

Improve with Accountability – Set clear goals, identify the milestones and gauge performance to stay on track. Understand which KPI’s are applicable and how they impact your business.


Is a Marketing Coach the Right Solution for your Business?

Astute Groups Marketing Coaching is ideal for,

  • Organizations that have a marketing team but do not have high caliber leadership
  • Under-performing marketing departments
  • Business owners who want to take full advantage of the power of marketing
  • Organizations that want to enhance or improve existing marketing talent
  • Leaders that want to understand how to effectively manage and gauge their marketing efforts

STOMP™ - Our Exclusive Method

How we deliver superior Fractional CMO services

STOMP™ is our exclusive method for deliver Fractional CMO Services that achieve optimal results. It provides a scalable framework to develop and implement solutions that give our clients a strong competitive advantage. STOMP™ incorporates agile practices that drive continuous improvement to keep your business ahead of the curve.

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Marketing Coaching Programs

Your Astute Marketing Coach offers three levels of standard coaching programs, as well as a custom program tailored to your needs. Each designed to address the clients specific challenges, goals, and resources. Click on the button below for a detailed breakdown.

The Benefits an Astute Marketing Coach Provides

Our Marketing Coaching solutions help your leadership or marketing team develop the mindset of a strategic marketer. Learn how to generate “more bang for your buck.”

Optimize Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI)

Astute Group operates with a core value that Marketing is an investment, not an expense. It is the one function in a business that generates revenues and creates a Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). Your Marketing Coach will train you on how to generate a high yield return.

Our Marketing Coaching program is designed to train leaders on how to build their own marketing system. Through our program, your team will become a high-performance marketing system that achieves goals and generates optimal RoMI to reach definitive growth.

Stop Guessing, Start Growing

If your business is not growing, it’s dying. To sustain you must develop and implement the right marketing strategies to generate growth. Sounds easy enough, except marketing is a complex and vast discipline. Unfortunately, this lead to so much time and money being wasted on marketing experiments. Experiments that tend to generate minimal, if any results.

An Astute Group Marketing Coach will help develop a definitive path to growth specifically for your organization. Your coach will help you tap proven marketing principles to effectively and efficiently achieve the ultimate goal, growth.

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What does an engineer do when they have developed a powerful software application but do not have the resources necessary to effectively market it?

They turn to an Astute Fractional CMO to Coach them on marketing and help them develop a strategic plan to present for funding. Our CMO Coach trained the client on critical strategic marketing principles and worked with them on devising strategies that created a competitive advantage. Strategies include branding, product marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, and pricing. The client was then able to gain funding based on the marketing plan he developed and presented.  

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