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Strategic Marketing Solutions for Small and Mid-Tier Businesses

We have developed strategic marketing solutions that are ideal for Small and Mid-Tier Businesses (SMBs) that want to generate substantial growth and lack strategic guidance. Our strategic marketing solutions are ideal for organizations that have a marketing staff but that lack a dedicated marketing executive. The owner or CEO fills in as a VP of Marketing or CMO.

There are proven strategic marketing principles that every business should apply, regardless of size and revenues. These principles should be tailored and scaled to the needs of the organization. We help SMBs make the most of their marketing function with solutions to fill the gaps in strategic marketing.

Marketing Plan

Get clear guidance to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality. We will develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan especially for your business and goals. A plan that aligns and guides to make the most of your marketing.

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Go-To-Market Plan

Strategically enter new markets or launch new offerings to optimize returns and Achieve Full Growth Potential. We will provide the research and develop the plan to

  • Drive Market Penetration
  • Generate Demand
  • Optimize Margins

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Marketing Audit

Achieve greater results by fine tuning your marketing system. A Fractional CMO will conduct a detailed audit of your entire marketing function and provide a detailed report with suggestions and advice.

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Target Audience Growth™ - Business Dev

We will find the opportunities that yield the greatest return and target them for accelerated growth. Whether its a large account, a specific region, or a set of existing customers with similar criteria, we will identify the segment and what they value. Then we will create awareness and drive demand to generate profitable growth.

Target Audience Growth™

Marketing Implementation

No more excuses, gain extra bandwidth to get the job done right with the help of  an Astute CMO. We provide the executive caliber expertise needed to implement critical marketing projects.   

Pricing based on project scope

Marketing Implementation Projects 

Marketing Coach

An Astute Marketing Coach is a Fractional CMO, a high-caliber marketing executive that will teach you how to think like a marketing expert. Our programs double your return by completing a strategic marketing project while developing knowledge and skills. Your coach will guide you through key projects to develop your skills with hands on experience.

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Don’t know exactly what you need, just know marketing isn’t generating the results it should?

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Marketing Project Management

Imagine having the additional bandwidth needed to execute important marketing projects or solve complex issues, when you need it, in the amount you need it. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, we offer Project Management for strategic marketing needs.

Who better than a Fractional CMO to fill the gaps in your marketing efforts by providing help with crucial one-off strategic marketing projects that your team is not experienced with.  Take advantage of the strategic expertise of an Astute Fractional CMO for optimal execution of marketing projects.

We offer a solution for many common needs as well as help with any unique challenge that arises. The project scope-of-work is developed specifically to your exact requirements. To make sure you get exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

Marketing Project Implementation

• Product launch

• New market exploration

• Marketing program launch

• Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Target Audience Growth™ – Segment focused

• Annual planning


Fill the Gaps

Great marketing is driven by strategy, not creativity. Savvy business executives realize this and use it to their advantage, they treat marketing like an investment, one that yields strong returns when properly executed. They apply a strategic marketing process to drive Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).

The first and most crucial step is developing a strategic plan.  Then implementing with the right technology, people, and processes to make the most of the plan. These savvy executives also monitor results with KPI focused analytics to evolve marketing campaigns and optimize the Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).

Strategic Marketing Fundamentals

Fractional CMO services for strategic business development, marketing, and sales enablement.

What We Do

Our Fractional CMO services are developed on the premise that marketing, business development, and sales are one team whose ultimate objective is generating profitable revenue growth.  Savvy CEOs look to the CMO to lead that team in today's business environment.


  • Competitive intelligence
  • Growth and expansion strategies
  • Market development strategy
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • Segment and Target strategy
  • Positioning strategy (competitive differentiation)
  • Channel strategy
  • Unique value proposition


  • Competitive advantage
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Business development plan
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Objectives, metrics, and KPIs
  • Content plan
  • Product requirements
  • Product marketing plan
  • Product launch plan


  • Go To Market Plan
  • Marketing programs
  • Business development initiatives
  • Sales and marketing collaboration
  • Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly planning
  • Product Marketing
  • Special projects
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Digital sales transformation


Fractional CMO Services -  Strategic Marketing Expertise

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