Our Purpose and Values

Empower SMBs with the power of strategic marketing

Our Purpose

To strengthen small businesses, the backbone of the american economy, with the power of strategic marketing.

Small business are “The Backbone of The American Economy”

Nationally, small businesses account for

  • 48 percent of all American jobs
  • 43.5 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in America

And although they make up nearly half of the American economy, they lack access to the resources, tools, and information that large corporations have. We help level the field to give small businesses a fighting chance with marketing strategies and executive leadership.

Core Values

Its all in the numbers – We are only as good as the numbers say we are. That is why we provide our clients with our exclusive executive dashboard, Astute Analytics™. A clear and concise reporting tool that measures key performance indicators (KPIs), especially growth rate and Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). A monthly validation of your investment in us. 

Complete responsibility – We will never point fingers and dodge blame. If there is an issue we tackle it head on and fix it.

Full transparency – We don’t like surprises, so we don’t create surprises. We communicate clearly and openly to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Stick to our expertise – Strategic marketing and Fractional CMO services is what we do, and its all we do.

Go all in – We take pride in anything we produce, if it isn’t a GREAT representation of our capabilities and skills, it’s not complete.

Revenue is a byproduct – When you do what you love, you generate revenue naturally. Strategic marketing is our passion. Helping clients unleash the power of strategic marketing to grow and sustain provides a great satisfaction and fulfillment.

Value is the bottom line – We focus on providing value to our clients first, and then creating perceived value for their offerings. The greater the perceived value your products and services exemplify, the greater your sales volume, profit margins, and rate of growth.

Facts, and only the facts – Conduct extensive research of data from internal and external sources to gain deep insight. We assess that data from every angle to  spur innovative strategies. No guesswork marketing here, it’s driven by factual data. 

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Bill D.


“I have worked with the Astute Group for the past 2 and a half years and have been impressed with the leadership that has been provided to our marketing team. Astute has shown skill managing everything from large web site projects to small content development work. Astute has certainly had a positive impact on our business and I recommend them for your marketing needs.”

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“Astute Group helped me identify opportunities for growth at higher margins. They helped me brand my firm and develop a brilliant strategy to increase value to my clients, thereby commanding higher fees because we aligned our services with clients’ needs. This enabled our firm to deliver what our clients value through targeting the ideal client type and ultimately improving their satisfaction in our performance. Thank you, Astute Group.”

Have You Heard?


Jonathon T


“Astute Group helped reshape our business, increasing our revenues and, more importantly, our profitability. Their guidance and expertise were exactly what we needed.”

Have You Heard?


CRM SaaS Provider – Confidential

President and Owner

“I evaluated several consulting firms. I chose Astute Group because they submitted a thorough, highly detailed proposal. They delivered as promised. The marketing plan Ferris created was as thorough as the proposal. It provided excellent industry insight and solid strategies for branding, positioning, and growth. I am very pleased with what Astute Group has done.”

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