Strategic Growth Consulting

Profitable, Definitive, Sustainable Growth

If A Business is Not Growing, It’s Dying.

Astute Group provides growth consulting that resolves one of the greatest challenges CEOs face, creating growth. We apply proven principles and innovative growth strategies to generate sustainable growth. Identifying opportunities through deep market insight, coupled with extensive research and analysis. 

We go beyond revenue growth, by increasing profit margins and ultimately, the bottom line. After all how beneficial is revenue growth that does not increase profitability? 

It’s just one of the ways Astute Group helps Achieve Full Potential. 


The Astute Approach to Growth 

Astute Group’s growth consulting goes beyond just advising. We are available to implement strategic plans and manage execution. Creating the ultimate growth system for your organization. 

Experience has taught us that not all growth is good growth. That is why we stay true to the six following principles, ensuring that we provide our clients with the best possible solution and help them achieve full potential.


Organic growth is the natural function of a business, our strategies accelerate growth and help achieve full potential.


A popular buzzword that is overused and undervalued. True innovation is not building a better mouse trap, its inventing ways to keep mice away.  


Holistic in every way,

  • Collaborating sales, customer service and marketing
  • Identifying every opportunity 
  • Improving existing efforts


We optimize value perception, minimizing the impact of price and maximizing profit margins.


If a business is not growing, its dying. We develop strategies will generate growth for years to come. 


Targeted marketing achieves optimal value perception and greater margins. It also makes it easier to choose your brand, and shortens the path to purchasing. Ultimately accelerating growth. 

Go-to-Market – Growth Consulting

Go To Market

Strategic Planning

A strategy developed specifically for generating growth by entering into new markets, offering new product and services, or a combination of both new markets and new offerings.  





Lead Generation – Growth Consulting

Lead Generation, Nurturing, and Qualification

What’s the best strategy for generating leads for your brand? At what point does a prospect become a lead? What opportunities exist within current and past clients?  We develop strategies to address the challenges.

Innovation – Growth Consulting

Innovation Strategies

There is a difference between innovation and improvement, don’t make that mistake. Innovation isn’t about building a better mousetrap. Innovation is getting the mice out and them never coming back, without ever touching a trap.

We apply this thought process to your business. Then we combine it with in-depth research and the big picture perspective, to help you see from different angles, gaining a greater understanding and triggering new ideas. 

Marketing and Sales – Growth Consulting

Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Sales and marketing departments must collaborate in order to achieve full growth potential. Both parties must work together to create a seamless transition through the stages of the revenue funnel. We break down the dividers and align efforts, creating a unified growth team.

Channel Development – Growth Consulting

Channel Strategy

Identifying and developing the best sales channels will accelerate growth. A poor channel strategy and you could hurt your brand or value proposition. We will help identify the right channels and evangelize the faithful, brand faithful that is.

Market and Product Strategies 

Organic growth is achieved through a combination of Markets and Offerings (Products and Services). Each combination has its challenges and rewards.

Astute Group conducts extensive market and competitive research and performs an in-depth analysis to gain valuable market insight. Growth strategies are then developed and integrated into a Go-to-Market plan.  

We go can beyond growth consulting by leading the implementation and managing the execution. We also offer analytical reporting on KPI’s to keep leaders aware of the performance and track the returns.

Market Expansion Strategies

Markets can be defined by a variety of common factors, making it simple and appealing to identify new markets for growth. Demographics, customer type, geographic location and other market variables may be misleading. Do not make the mistake of thinking that two seemingly identical markets are truly identical. 

Gaining an intimate knowledge of potential new markets is critical to success. That level of knowledge is developed through market analysis, insight from prior successes, target customer identification, assessing competitive offerings, and identifying channels and resource allocation. 

Product and Service Diversification Strategies

One of the quickest and easiest methods for growth is offering new or additional products and services to existing customers. The offerings may also be marketed to an expanded market.  The trick is to research past product performance, customer feedback, and test market studies to identify what creates value and differentiates your offerings.

Astute Group offers product marketing solutions that provide research, development, strategic planning, launch and promotion support.


Growth Consulting and Implementation

There is no single formula for delivering organic growth. We advise evaluating three possible organic growth strategies, Investing, Creating, or Improving. Astute Growth Consulting Solutions will evaluate existing activities, research new opportunities, and identify the best strategy(ies) for optimizing growth and achieving full potential.  We provide a full summary of our recommendations in Go-to-Market Plans that are developed specifically for each opportunity.


In existing products, services that have generated past organic growth


New products, services, to take advantage of new growth markets


Performance of existing core commercial activities (automation, retention,etc)


Any of the three growth strategies

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