Go-to-Market Plan

Turn Strategies into Realities

The Go-to-Market plan is developed to target at the market level. Astute Group develops Go-To-Market plans that target at the persona level (when applicable) because it is people, not markets, that make purchasing decisions.

Buyers prefer things that are a great fit, literally and figuratively. The better the fit, the greater the value. In other words, the more a  product or service seems to be made specifically for a buyer’s needs and wants, the easier it is to choose that product over competitors offerings, while reducing the importance of price.

What is a Go-To-Market Plan?

The Go-to-Market plan spells out the who, what, when, and how to enter a new market or launch a new product. It is the road map for one path to growth. Go-to-market strategic plans are specifically focused on entering into new markets, offering new products and/or services, or a combination of both. This makes it similar to a marketing plan in many ways, with a much more narrow scope. The scope is a specific market or offering, while the marketing plan is about a specific business. 


How we develop a Go-To-Market Plan

The development of a Go-to-Market Plan begins internally, with a thorough review of your current activities and offerings. Then we add the external layer, market and competitor analysis to gain a clear understanding of the current conditions. Now that we have a clear view of the big-picture, we can identify opportunities and develop strategies to capitalize on those opportunities.

We apply the STP framework (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) to optimize perceived value by tailoring the fit between markets and offerings. Our goal is to increase margins while generating revenue growth. It’s just one of the Astute Difference’s that helps our clients reach full potential.

The Astute Difference Go-To-Market Plan


Revenue and Margin Growth

We focus on profit margins along with revenue growth. Enabling our clients to sell more with greater profitability by aligning offerings with the people that they are best suited for. Reducing the importance of price and making it easier to decide on that product or service.

Multiple Campaigns

Business leaders often become so focused on one campaign that they fail to see other opportunities. They limit themselves to applying only one of the four organic growth strategies. Astute Group will determine if there is an opportunity for growth in each of the four growth areas and develop a Go-To-Market plan for each. We will also work with clients on implementing each plan, to ensure proper execution and optimal results.  


Go-To-Market Plan Growth Strategies

Essentially the Go-To-Market plan is a plan for growth, it addresses how to execute a specific growth strategy. Addressing a combination of any of the four organic growth methods.

go to market plan matrix

New Markets, New Offerings 

The most challenging way to grow, and the riskiest. It’s essentially starting a new business. Strategic planning and innovation are critical. We can help with a Go-To Market Plan, Product Marketing, Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Strategies.  

New Markets, Existing Offerings

Generally the least expensive path to growth, finding new clients for existing products and services. We can provide the Go-To-Market Plan, Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Strategy, Promotion Strategy, as well as Pricing Strategies.

Existing Markets, New Offerings

Regarded as the fastest and easiest way to generate growth, sell more products and services to existing customers. Either by reaching other departments or developing new products and services. We’ll make it happen with Product Marketing Consulting, Sales Process Development, Lead Generation Strategies, and Branding Strategy.

Existing Markets, Existing Offerings

The least risky growth strategy. It’s about doing more of what your business is already doing and doing it better. Selling additional products to existing customers, reaching more potential buyers in existing accounts, improving processes. Essentially performing better on core capabilities.

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