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Strategy is the True Differentiator

Effective Marketing

is More Strategic

Than Creative

A marketing strategy consultant from Astute Group will develop high-caliber marketing strategies specifically for your business and its goals. Strategies that are developed by combining in-depth research, with a broad perspective. This approach stimulates innovation and nurtures the development of sound strategies.

Strategies that exemplify the value of your products and services, making it clear why your brand is a better choice and making it easy for buyers to choose your brand.

We also provide

Strategic Growth Consulting

Organic Growth Strategies

  • Targeting
  • Go-To-Market
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing and Qualification
  • Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Strategic Marketing Consulting and Implementation

Formulating great strategies requires intimate knowledge of both internal and external factors. Benefitting from those strategies only happens if the strategic plan is implemented properly. That is why we do more than just create strategic plans and wish you well. Our marketing consulting goes beyond strategic planning, we manage the implementation to ensure proper execution and achievement of goals and objectives.

STOMP™ Our Exclusive Method


STOMP™ is our exclusive framework that we use to ensure we provide our clients with high caliber solutions for their challenges while optimizing ROI.

Strategies, Tactics, Oversight and Measured Performance form more than just the STOMP acronym, they form a method to our greatness (not madness) and helps our clients Achieve Full Potential.


Research is the Foundation for Optimal Marketing Strategies


Deep insight is key to developing effective marketing strategies that generate significant results. The insight gained through extensive research from multiple sources and analyzed from every perspective.  we also research your historical data and customer feedback, amongst other things.

Our marketing consultants dig deep when conducting research, we go well beyond SWOT analysis. Beginning with external research of the market and competitors, as well as economic, political and social factors to understand the current market conditions. What we uncover is often surprising to our clients. All to often, clients make decisions based on perception and outdated data.

Then we conduct internal research, analyzing historical data, operations, client input, and client interfacing staff.  We extract the data that really matters and use it to formulate marketing and growth strategies that help achieve full potential.

Branding – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Brand Optimization Strategies

Optimizing the value of a brand goes well beyond a logo and a slogan. People are overloaded with information, encountering up to 10,000 brands per day. Our Brand Marketing Consultants will implement a strategy that…

Customer Experience – Strategic Marketing Consulting

The Customer Experience

The experience a customer or client has with your business is one of the most powerful marketing tactics there is. A pleasant and satisfying experience will trigger tremendous benefits such as loyalty, referrals, and recommendations.





Product Marketing – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Product Marketing

The greatest product or service is worthless if markets are not aware of the offering. Product launch, promotion, and brand perception are key to the success of the offering. Our Product Marketing Consultants develop strategies and implement tactics that …

Customer Experience – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Pricing Strategy Consulting

Determining the right pricing model for your products and services is very critical and extremely challenging. Price too high and potential clients will be scared away, while a price that is too low will reduce brand value and impact profitability. Our Marketing Strategy Consultants will…

Digital Marketing – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Strategies

It’s the information age, the problem is that there is too much information, to much noise. People are overwhelmed with the amount of information that is pushed on them every day. A well developed digital marketing strategy with several campaigns is critical to reaching the right person. That’s where we come in.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning - STP Method

Astute Group’s strategic marketing consulting utilizes the STP Method to help increase profit margins. The goal is to create a perfect fit between the customer and your product or service offering. Thus simplifying decision making and reducing the importance of price. Ultimately generating revenue growth with greater profitability.


Segmentation – STP Marketing Strategy

Segmentation Strategies

Market Segmentation and Targeting sit at the core of value optimization. The greater the precision, the greater the value of your brand and its offerings. Buyers are overwhelmed with choices, targeting the right markets will…

Targeting – STP Marketing Consulting

Target Marketing Strategies

Targeting is key to value optimization. The greater the precision, the greater the value of your brand and its offerings. Buyers are overwhelmed with choices, targeting the right markets will…

Positioning – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Positioning Strategies

How your organization and its offerings are perceived is determined by your positioning strategy. Its what sets you apart from the competition and attracts clients. We conduct in-depth research and analysis to identify gaps and opportunities, then…

The Customer Experience


The Customer Experience (CX), not to be confused with Experiential Branding, is the key to the success of great brands such as Amazon®, Apple®, and Nordstrom®. It is not a retail marketing strategy, it is just as effective in B2B marketing. The strategy is to provide a highly favorable and pleasant customer experience, that experience is the value add differentiator that sets the brand apart. 

The benefits of a great Customer Experience are numerous, everything from higher profit margins to increased referrals and brand loyalty. However, a great Customer Experience often increases expenses. This is not always the case, but it is a potential challenge. 

Astute Group will provide strategic marketing consulting to develop a highly favored customer experience for your target markets. We utilize tactics, processes, and technology to develop that experience and help minimize cost. As proven by the above mentioned brands, Customer Experience is a very powerful tool that will generate a strong return on investment.   

Pricing Strategy


The foundation of the Astute Difference is Return on Investment (ROI) focused Marketing. Of course, pricing directly impacts ROI, the higher the price, the greater the profit margin. That is the easy part. The challenge is determining what is the ideal price that achieves a delicate balance between purchasing volume and profit margin.

Add to that other factors, such as volume discounts, channel discounts for resellers, distributors, etc., white-label (nonbranded offerings) and other price centric concerns, and you’ve got a major issue to address.

We have the experience and expertise needed to identify the right price. The price that keeps a balance between profit margins and sales volume. Some products or services may require a pricing table for the above-mentioned factors, we have developed hundreds of them. Including a pricing formula for a client that had over 3,600 products that we’re available through various channels, and had four levels of volume discounts. We developed a formula for each product line that calculated all of the pricing tables. 




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Great marketing is more strategic than creative. It’s the marketing strategy that sets brands apart and generates value perception. A marketing consultant from Astute Group will develop sound strategies that generate growth, brand loyalty, recurring revenues, and referrals. Ultimately increasing perceived value and optimizing ROI. Strategic marketing consulting that achieves full potential.


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