Strategic Marketing Consulting

Strategy is the True Differentiator

Results are Generated by Strategy, Not Creativity

A strategic marketing consultant from Astute Group will develop high-quality marketing strategies custom for your business and goals. Marketing strategies are developed by combining detailed research with a broad perspective. This approach sparks innovation and supports the development of sound strategies. 

Astute Group marketing strategy consulting helps amplify the value of your products and services, making it clear why your brand is the best choice and making it easy for buyers. 

Strategic Marketing Consulting and Implementation

Creating great marketing strategies requires intimate knowledge of internal and external factors. In order to benefit from a great strategy, it must be properly implemented. That’s why we do more than create the strategic plan. Our Fractional CMOs can provide strategic marketing consulting functioning as a member of your team.

We also offer the following individual solutions to fill the gaps in your marketing.  To learn more or request a quote call 866.546.9482 or submit a click on Consultation Request Button below.

Marketing Plan Development

Don’t make one of the worst mistakes in business. Operating without a marketing plan to drive growth and capture market share. 

We will develop the playbook with the strategies and tactics that will provide a definitive path to growth.  


Marketing Audit

Are your current marketing efforts achieving their full potential? Do your campaigns capture as many opportunities as possible? 

We will analyze and assess your current marketing and fill the gaps to optimize returns and Achieve Full Potential. 

Competitive Intelligence

We will provide a thorough and accurate assessment of the market and its potential.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Projected Market Growth
  • Positioning Map Development


Go-To-Market Plan

Strategically enter new markets or launch new offerings to optimize returns and Achieve Full Growth Potential. We will provide the research and develop the plan to

  • Drive Market Penetration
  • Generate Demand
  • Optimize Margins

Product Marketing – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Product Marketing

The greatest product in the world will not succeed if potential buyers are not aware of it, nor understand its value.  Our strategic marketing consultants develop and implement product marketing strategies that drive demand and gain market share.

Brand Marketing – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Brand Optimization

A brand is defined by much more than a logo and slogan. We will differentiate and position your brand to optimize perceived value and be recognised among the up to 10,000 brands consumers encounter per day.

Digital Marketing – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing

Potential customers are bombarded with information every day. A highly effective digital marketing strategy is critical to cut through the noise and reach target markets. 

Customer Experience – Strategic Marketing Consulting

The Customer Experience

 A positive customer or client experience is a powerful marketing tool. The experience defines the customer’s perception of the brand.  Recommendations, referrals, and loyalty are tremendous benefits from treating your customer right.  

Pricing Strategy – Strategic Marketing Consulting

Pricing Strategy Consulting

The right pricing for your products and services is critical. It is also extremely challenging. Too high a price scares potential clients. Too low of a price reduces brand value and impacts profits. Our marketing strategy consultants will… 

Differentiation Strategies Increase Value

What is the difference between your brand and competitors? 

How much does that difference matter and to who?

Answering these questions drives revenues and improves margins. The goal is creating a perfect fit between your product or service offering and the ideal customer. This simplifies decision making and lowers the importance of pricing, creating revenue growth and improving profitability.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is a powerful method for aligning brands and product or service offerings with customers who appreciate their value.  With so many competitors and so much information being dispersed, segmenting markets is key to driving demand.

Target Market Penetration

Aligning offerings with markets that need and want their benefits is critical to Achieving Full Potential. Targeting is the key to optimizing value. The greater precision, the greater the value of your brand and its offerings. 

Positioning Strategies

In today’s extremely competitive markets, how your brand and products are positioned are critical to their success. We will develop and implement a positioning strategy that will clearly differentiate and create value.

What’s Next?

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  • Gain the insight of a seasoned expert
  • Identify gaps and areas that need improvement
  • Explore a fresh perspective from a 3rd party that has no bias or preconceived opinions

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Research Drives Effective Marketing Strategies

Knowledge is key to developing marketing strategies that work and create results. our Astute Marketing Strategy Consultants conduct extensive research, from internal and external sources. these include,

  • Direct discussion with customers
  • Economic, political and social analysis
  • Historical data
  • Customer reviews
  • Market Testing
  • Feedback from Sales and Cust Serv depts
  • Historical Data Analysis

Clients are often shocked by what they learn about their business and industry that they have been in for years. Are you prepared to fully understand your business and the market. If so contact us for a complimentary consultation.

The Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is key to the success of great brands, including Amazon, Apple, and Nordstrom. This isn’t a retail strategy. It works for B2B marketing as well. The strategy is to provide a favorable, pleasant customer experience. That experience adds value and sets your brand apart. 

The benefits of a great CX are numerous. Everything from higher profit margins to increased referrals and brand loyalty. A potential challenge to providing a great CX is that it often increases cost. 

Strategic marketing consulting from Astute Group develops a plan to deliver a highly-favorable customer experience. We utilize tactics, processes, and technology to create that experience while minimizing cost.  

Pricing Strategy

The Astute Difference is our focus on ROI marketing. Pricing directly impacts ROI. The higher the price, the greater the profit margin. The challenge for a pricing strategy is determining the ideal price that reaches balance between purchasing volume and profit margins.  

Additional factors such as volume discounts, channel discounts, non-branded offerings, and more price concerns make pricing a major issue to address. 

Astute Group marketing strategy consultants have the expertise needed to find the right price for your product or service. With experience developing hundreds of pricing strategies, we have the tools needed to develop a formula for your optimal pricing strategy. 

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