Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

Discuss Digital Marketing Goals and Strategies Before Campaigns and Promotions

A Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant from Astute Group will formulate strategies to optimize the performance of all digital marketing campaigns. Resulting in optimized brand awareness, deep penetration into target markets, increased lead generation and customer acquisition. Ultimately, accelerating growth and improving ROI.

Our 360 degree (holistic) approach brings together the best strategies, channels, messages, and develops high powered campaigns that reach target audiences. Greatly improving performance and maximizing return on every dollar spent.


Penetrate Target Markets

Develop Personal Bonds

Create Exponential Growth

Create Awareness and Promote

Digital Marketing Statistics that Drive Strategy Development

Technology has changed the purchasing process for both consumers and businesses. Decisions are often made with little to no direct human involvement. Is your digital marketing capitalizing on the way purchasing is done today? 


Of large purchases involve Google search


Of searchers have not decided on a brand before searching


Of the buyer's decision is completed before contacting sales


Of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that offer relevant recommendations and offers

What to Expect from a Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Digital Marketing Strategies for Growth

Each digital marketing campaign should have a clearly defined objective. We begin by identifying that objective and assess the market and competitors activities to identify what their successes are and gauge the potential. Then we formulate a strategy to capitalize on the opportunity and generate leads and sales.  

That objective could be brand awareness, promote and launch a new product, lead generation, closing sales or something else.  

Digital Marketing Strategies for Personalization 

As direct human interaction continues to decrease in purchasing processes, the importance of brand personalization increases exponentially. Integrating the human touch into a brand provides tremendous benefits. It helps people recognize and remember the brand, as well as creating a connection that draws clients back to that brand. Personalization is difficult to accomplish and requires flawless execution of a well developed strategy.

Our brand consultants will bring together the right strategy and proven tactics to create your brands personality and bring that brand to life.

Targeted Strategies

Digital Marketing covers a wide range of marketing functions aimed at gaining peoples attention and influencing them. Anytime someone goes on social media, checks email, or visits certain websites, some sort of ad or message is pushed. Usually not by the viewers choice, these “push” type of activities can potentially hurt your brand. With so much going on, it is critical to implement a strategy and tactics that get the right message, to the right person, at the right time. That’s just one way our digital marketing solutions get results.

360 Degree Branding

The brand name, slogan, and logo are not enough to compete in today’s markets. Brands must interact with consumers verbally, visually, and personally. The brand must remain consistent throughout all interactions, across all channels, at all times. The brand must be accessible via the channels that reach target markets, in order to attract potential clients and develop a connection that compels them to choose your brand. 

Brand consultants from Astute Group will develop a 360 Degree branding strategy and guide its implementation. We use extensive market and competitor research to position your brand and identify opportunities. Then we target them through the channels that they use, clearly conveying your brand and its value.  

The Customer Experience

A great digital marketing strategy will focus heavily on the Customer Experience, not to be confused with the “user” experience which is an IT focused measure. The Customer Experience is all about customer satisfaction. Digital Marketing is a large component in the overall customer experience. Often the first interaction with a brand or organization is through some digital channel, whether its on social media, results from a search engine, or one of many other digital channels. 

Astute’s digital marketing strategy consultants integrate the customer experience into the strategy they formulate for clients needs. 



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