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Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) form the foundation for business growth. Astute Group will develop and implement STP strategies specifically for your offerings. We look to optimize the value proposition and align offerings with the appropriate segments. The goal is to create a perfect fit between the customer and your product or service offering. Thus simplifying decision making and reducing the importance of price. Ultimately generating revenue growth with greater profitability.

What We Do


Conduct extensive market research to ensure every opportunity is uncovered and critical data is available for decision making

Identify the features, functions, and benefits that target markets seek to add significant value

Develop a branding strategy that differentiates from competitors and attracts new opportunities

Why it Matters


A firm grasp on a market’s needs and opportunities is the foundation for decision making and development of offerings that will generate profitable growth.

The more a product or service fulfills the wants and needs of a potential buyer, the less price matters. The likelihood of a purchase increases significantly, as can profit margins.

Brand perception is the heart of marketing, a well-perceived brand can command higher prices while earning customer loyalty and referrals.


Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Strategies

Market segmentation, targeting, and positioning enable organizations to clearly understand how they can serve current and potential markets. They provide a framework for profitable organic growth. STP identifies opportunities and clarifies the balance between products and markets.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Market segmentation is a very powerful method for aligning brands and product or service offerings with customers that will appreciate their value. Segmentation should clearly identify the relevance of an offering to the population in that segment. Offerings should then be developed or existing offerings modified or repositioned to provide relevance and value.

The most effective segmentation strategies are developed with deep insight. Developing a firm grasp of the factors that matter for your offerings and capabilities is crucial. While there are only a handful of segment types, each segment is completely open to definition.

Define the segment to broadly and your value proposition decreases proportionately. While a narrow definition can create great value, it limits the volume of growth. In addition, the product’s capabilities and features add another dimension of complexity.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of numerous variables to identify the most valuable segments for your capabilities and offerings. Enabling better alignment of resources and target market segments.

 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Think of the game of darts, the board is the market, and the darts are the products or services. Aligning a product with the right target market is the equivalent of hitting a bullseye, however, instead of points, the return is profitable growth.

Identifying and penetrating target markets sits at the core of profitable growth. Focusing on the ideal customer for product or service offerings optimizes perceived value and dictates greater margins. Most small and mid-size businesses have limited resources and need to focus on opportunities that will generate the highest return. However, many are afraid that they will lose volume by concentrating on target customers, so they

This strategy is very different from “the one size fits all” mindset where an organization tries to serve as many customer groups as possible. This approach reduces the value of the offering and may even lack appeal, minimizing value and often failing to attract customers.


Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning


A an existing product or service offering can be revitalized and essentially gain a new life through positioning. By positioning a product or service to fit a target market through modification, creates new opportunities and demand. The development and other costs are greatly reduced if not eliminated while generating additional returns on an existing investment.

The positioning of an offering must be validated by fulfilling specific criteria, identification of a target market along with an understanding of the potential growth in that market. In addition, what functionality or benefits does the target market seek, and other criteria that we will address for you. Astute Group’s strategic marketing consultants will conduct a thorough analysis to minimize risk while optimizing return.


Value Proposition and Positioning Strategies

The value proposition of your brand or product offerings drives positioning strategies. Value proposition is macro, while positioning strategies are micro,  focusing on target demographics.

The greater the value to the buyer, the less importance price has on decision making.

Our philosophy is that in a free enterprise market every purchase decision is made due to one of two reasons,

1. The value of the item purchased to the purchaser

2. The price of the item purchased


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