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End-to-End Strategic Marketing Consulting

Our strategic marketing consulting is built on the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We integrate marketing strategies from end-to-end, to yield greater results. Our scope is well beyond Marketing Strategy Consulting, that is segregated and focused on individual marketing strategies. We utilize our exclusive strategic marketing method, STOMP™, to provide a comprehensive solution that makes the most of your marketing.

Astute CMOs uncover the big-picture and analyze it from every angle, to gain a clear perspective for deep insight. Insight that we use to identify the fill the gaps, and determine the best route to strategically seize your competitive advantage. Enabling your business to achieve goals, accelerate profitable  growth, and Realize Full Potential.

Marketing is the engine that drives growth, strategy is the fuel that powers it.

Integrated Optimization

Our comprehensive approach to marketing integrates strategies to benefit one another and yield greater results as a whole, versus individually.

ROI Focused

Business is all about the bottom line, about profitability. We focus on Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) to ensure profitable growth.

Sustainable Solutions

We develop our strategic plans to be scalable, and implement with agile practices to ensure sustainability.

Client Challenges

  • Declining revenues, loss of market share
  • Stagnant or slow growth, below the industry rate
  • Marketing efforts generate random or sporadic results
  • Competing on price, extensive discounting
  • Lack of documented strategic plans
  • Launching new products or services
  • Trying to find opportunities for growth in new markets

How We Help

  • Formulate strategic marketing plans to achieve stated goals
  • Improve Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI)
  • Integrate marketing strategies to optimize results
  • Develop marketing plans for clear guidance, eliminating trial-and-error guesswork
  • Optimize the entire marketing function for higher performance and greater results
  • Develop messaging concepts aligned with target markets needs and wants

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Brand Marketing Strategy

A brand is defined by much more than a logo and slogan. We will differentiate and position your brand to optimize perceived value and gain recognition among the 10,000 brands consumers may encounter per day. To drive brand loyalty and keep customers coming back for more.

More about Brand Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Potential customers are bombarded with information every day. A highly effective digital marketing strategy is critical to cut through the noise and reach target markets. We combine websites, social media, mobile apps, virtual communities and other digital properties to provide the best possible experience.

More about Digital Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy

The greatest product in the world will not succeed if potential buyers are not aware of it, nor understand its value. Our strategic marketing consultants develop and implement product marketing strategies that drive demand and gain market share.

More about Product Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Consulting

STOMP™ – Our Exclusive Strategic Marketing Process

Years of experience has enabled us to develop STOMP™, our exclusive strategic marketing process. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end framework for developing your high-powered, finely tuned marketing engine. A solution that integrates scalable strategic marketing plans, tactical implementation with agile practices, to execute. Then we oversee operations and gauge performance with KPI focused analytics, to keep you ahead of competitors by evolving and improving as conditions change. It how we seize your competitive advantage and make the most of  your business marketing function, to drive more out of every strategy, every campaign, every promotion, everything marketing does. After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Market Strategy Consulting

What is the difference between your brand and competitors?

How much does that difference matter and to who?

These are all critical questions that must be answered to develop a highly effective market strategy. Market strategy consulting from an Astute Fractional CMO will develop a Go To Market strategy that will align your product market fit, to optimize the perceived value of your products and services and drive demand.

The goal is creating a perfect fit between your product or service offering and the ideal customer. This simplifies decision making and reduces the importance of price, creating revenue growth while improving profit margins and Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is a powerful method for aligning brands and product or service offerings with customers who appreciate their value. With so many competitors and so much information being dispersed, segmenting markets is key to driving demand.

Target Market Penetration

Aligning offerings with markets that need and want their benefits is crucial for customer acquisition and closing sales. Targeting is the key to optimizing value. When products are aligned with markets that are good the fit, perceived value increases greatly, making it clear why your brand is the right choice.

Positioning Strategies

In today’s extremely competitive markets, positioning your brand and product offerings is critical. Positioning should differentiate your brand from competitors and align with best-fit markets. We will develop and implement a positioning strategy that will clearly differentiate and create value.

Integrated Marketing Strategies

Marketing is complex and diverse, covering a broad scope of functions driven by numerous strategies. Most marketing agencies and consultants will provide a strategy for one function. How does that strategy fit in with the others? Or does it?

A segmented approach will generate limited results, if any. Especially in today’s hyper-fast, digitally driven business environment.

Strategic Marketing Consulting Process

Strategic Marketing Consulting Services

Creating highly effective marketing strategies requires deep insight and astute assessment. Ensuring accurate assessment of market conditions, competitors, market trends, current offerings, historical analytics, profit drivers, and other industry-specific factors. In order to benefit from that strategy, it must be properly implemented. We develop the strategies and manage the implementation to ensure optimal Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).

We also offer the following individual solutions to fill the gaps in your marketing. To learn more or request a quote call 866.546.9482 or request a consultation below.

Marketing Plan 

Don’t make one of the worst mistakes in business, not having a strategic marketing plan to guide your business to prosperity. Our plans are developed with deep insight and a complete understanding of the big-picture, to seize all opportunities.

A strategic marketing plan is the map that guides a business to achieving its goals, optimizing Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI), and generating sustainable growth.

Marketing Audit

Are your current marketing efforts achieving their full potential? How do you know how well your strategies, campaigns, digital properties, and other critical marketing functions are performing. What if your growing N%, while competitors are growing at NN%.

We will analyze and assess your current marketing and fill the gaps to optimize returns and Achieve Full Potential. We offer Digital, Product, Strategic Marketing specific audits, as well as a comprehensive marketing audit.

Go-To-Market Plan

Strategically enter new markets or launch new offerings, and make it clear why yours is the right choice.  We will provide the research and develop a Go-To-Market Plan to,

• Drive deep market penetration

• Generate demand for offerings

• Drive brand recognition and loyalty

• Gain market share


Marketing Plan stops the decline and drives 26% Revenue Growth

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider experienced three years of declining revenues and increasing attrition rates. Once the attrition rate exceeded the customer acquisition rate, they realized they neeeded professional help, that the internal efforts to stop the bleeding and start growing again were not working.

They evaluated numerous strategic marketing consulting firms before choosing Astute Group to turn things around. We were chosen because we provided a comprehensive proposal that focused on research, analysis, and strategic planning, rather than tactics and activities. The CEO was focused on adding a long list of new features and functions, that many competitors offered. That would have been a costly mistake, development costs were significant.

We focused on developing a highly effective strategic marketing plan , to do so we needed deep insight through extensive research from internal and external sources. Our research determined that the product was a perfect fit for small businesses with less than 20 users and did not have an IT department to manage the application. That meant that ease of use was a critical benefit. We identifed the features and functions that mattered the most and used often, then we focused on how to improve them.  This was just one portion of the marketing plan, a plan that resulted in 26% revenue growth in the first year.

Strategic Marketing Consulting from a Fractional CMO

There are numerous advantages to having a Fractional CMO provide Strategic Marketing Consulting services to your business. The most valuable is that the Astute Fractional CMO will provide unparallaled strategic marketing expertise which includes experience, knowledge, and advanced skills. This expertise enables your Fractional CMO to provide a holistic approach that interconnects marketing strategies to generate greater results than individually. In a nutshell, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A marketing consultant does not operate at this level, most marketing consultants and agencies specialize in one function of marketing, they lack knowledge and experience with the numerous components of marketing. Whereas, a Fractional CMO knows that results are significantly improved and accelerated when strategies are designed to support one another.

Strategic Marketing Driven by competitive Intelligence

Research is the foundation that highly effective marketing strategies are built on. Research also helps avoid costly mistakes. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to gain deep insight. Utilizing external and internal data to fully understand the market environment, your business, and competitors. To ensure a thorough and accurate assessment of the market and its potential.

Clients are often shocked by what they learn about their business, and the industry that they served for many years. Are you prepared to fully understand your business and the market?

If so contact us for a complimentary consultation.


  • SWOT Analysis
  • PEST Analysis
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Projected Market Growth
  • Positioning Mapping
  • Market Testing


  • Direct customer interviews
  • Historical data
  • Customer reviews
  • Feedback from sales channels

What is the Difference Between Marketing Strategy and Strategic Marketing Consulting?

Marketing strategy consulting is focused on one function of marketing while strategic marketing consulting is an all encompassing process. The strategic marketing process not only addresses all marketing strategies, it includes planning and analysis before development of any marketing strategy. Once marketing strategies are developed, they are implemented and evaluated. Strategic Marketing is the secret behind the success of just about every successful brand.

Strategic Marketing Consulting vs Marketing Strategy Consulting

Our Fractional CMOs provide Strategic Marketing Consulting as well as Marketing Strategy Consulting. We specialize in brand, product, go-to-market, digital, and growth marketing strategies. Our Fractional CMO services also provide marketing strategy implementation to ensure that strategies are executed properly and goals are achieved.

 Strategic Marketing Consulting

 Marketing Strategy Consulting

FocusThe entire marketing function, all of the strategies, products, markets, campaigns, budget, etc.Invididual strategies, project(s) or campaign(s)
 GoalsOverall growth and profit marginsCampaign
BudgetMarketing overallProject or campaign
 Analytical MetricsKPIs that directly impact overall business growth and profitabilityMostly metrics that measure volume of activity, not results, with some campaign level KPIs
Research and AnalysisComprehensive, deep insight with consideration for political, economical, social and technological as well as SWOT, Market and competitorsSWOT Analysis focused on competitors, often just 2 or 3. Does not uncover the big picture and the unknowns

Strategic Marketing Expertise






The Customer Experience

A positive customer or client experience is a powerful marketing tool. The experience greatly impacts the customer’s perception of the brand. It is considerably the most powerful branding tool because it defines the brand. Think of any well known brand, does that brand provide an extremely favorable experience to its customers?

Customer experience has surpassed quality and price as the leading consideration in purchasing decisions. In other words, a better customer experience may minimize or even eliminate the importance of price. Which can provide a greater return on investment than the cost of providing a great experience. Furthermore, a great experience generates recommendations, referrals, and loyalty.

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