Brand Consultant

Does your brand connect with target customers?

The goal of an Astute brand consultant is develop a brand that forms a connection with target customers.    A great brand has a personality of sorts, it attracts buyers, is memorable and earns loyalty. Developing a successful brand requires much more than a logo and a slogan, it requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses the several facets of a brand and how it is experienced. The brand that can create a connection with customers, while providing a great experience, is the brand they choose, remember, and recommend.

Client Challenges

  • Highly competitive markets
  • Often discounting price to win business
  • Shrinking profit margins
  • Lack of returning customers (loyalty)
  • Low referral rates
  • Poor customer satisfaction rates

How We Help

  • Improve brand perception and value
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Create Emotional Appeal
  • Reduce importance of price
  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Drive referrals

Strategic Branding Solutions

We provide a solution, not just a service for developing a great brand. A strategic solution that drives results like high brand value, brand loyalty, favorable perception and referrals, ultimately resulting in profitable growth.


Brand strategy requires a thorough understanding of the markets and the competition. We conduct research and analysis to identify opportunities, and understand the wants and needs.

  • Market conditions
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Segment demographics
  • Consumer feedback


Brand Strategy

Would it be best to operate under the umbrella of one brand, or should there be multiple brands for various offerings?

We will develop the strategy for your Brand Architecture to optimize value and demand generation.

  • Define brand portfolio
  • Identify target markets
  • Develop audience personas
  • Position the brand(s)
  • Develop personalization strategy


Strategically enter new markets or launch new offerings to optimize returns and Achieve Full Growth Potential. We will provide the research and develop the plan to


  • Brand Development
  • Brand Experience
  • Messaging
  • Story Development

Did You Know?

The Average American Encounters up to 10,000 Brands a Day

With so many brands competing for space in people’s minds, the importance of your brand strategy is 10,000 times more important. Factor in the massive amount of information available, and the speed at which it is shared electronically, and the challenge can become overwhelming. Don’t worry, we will make your brand stand out in a crowd.


  • Can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%
  • lift revenues by 5–15%
  • increase marketing spend efficiency by 10–30%

Customer Experience

80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand who provides personalized experiences

Brand Name

Given a choice, most buyers prefer the product with a brand name

Target Marketing

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations


Our client had several products in various product lines that provided a very valuable benefit in their industry, ergonomics. Yet sales of secondary product lines, accessories, and other complementary products were very low, especially when compared to sales of ergonomic products in the primary product line. We created a new brand name, “ErgoMaxx” and gave it to the client (for no additional cost). Then we developed a brand architecture that identified all ergonomic products across all product lines with the ErgoMaxx seal.

To spread the message quickly and effectively, we lead the development of ErgoMaxx collateral, including web pages, specialty brochures, email campaigns, and online advertising.  Sales of secondary ergonomic products tripled for two of the products, while average growth for all products now identified as ErgoMaxx averaged 83% growth in the first year.

Brand Personalization

As direct human interaction continues to decrease in purchasing processes, the importance of brand personalization increases exponentially. Integrating the human touch into a brand provides tremendous benefits. It helps people recognize and remember the brand, as well as creating a connection that draws clients back to that brand. Personalization is difficult to accomplish and requires flawless execution of a well developed strategy.

Our brand strategy consultants will bring together the right strategy and proven tactics to create your brands personality and bring that brand to life.

The Customer Experience

Every interaction a person has with a brand impacts the brand experience. The experience is the differentiator that led to the success of some of the best known and most respected brands in the world. Brands like Apple, Amazon, and Nordstrom are sought after, because of the quality and consistency of the customers experience with that brand.

The brand experience is not limited to just retail. B2B interactions have as great a dependency on the brand experience as retail does. Corporate purchasing agents and business professionals seek efficient and easy transactions. They want to control the interaction, engaging with the sellers representatives when they want, and how they want. Email, chat, social media messaging, web meetings are all gaining popularity and reducing the number of phone calls and face-to-face visits from sales people. The sellers that make these interactions pleasing to the buyer, are the sellers that gain a strong advantage.

The brand experience encompasses every aspect of the brand, including the website, phone calls, social media, online chat, customer service and each and every direct interaction people have with the brand. It includes the simplest and smallest of details like shopping bags, shipping boxes, charitable and humanitarian activities, literally any activity related to the brand. Our branding experts will consult with your team to develop a unique and valuable experience that will set your brand apart.

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