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Customer Satisfaction is

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In a digitally connected world where information spreads like wildfire in a severe drought, the opinion of customers is critical to your brands success. Online reviews, social media and, other platforms are a springboard, propelling opinions for the digitally connected world to see. Customer experience consulting helps ensure your customers remain loyal and continue supporting your brand.

Every interaction that anyone has with the brand is a part of the customer experience. That includes website visitors, viewers of an ad, results of an online search, phone calls, live chat, social media, reviews and ratings. Literally everything that anyone, not just customers or clients, encounters with your brand attached is part of the customer experience.

It is the Customer Brand Experience that elevated brands like Apple®, Amazon®, and Nordstrom® to leaders in their respective markets, and made them household names. Customer experience consulting from Astute Group will help you drive customer loyalty and retention on your path to definitive growth.

Customer Retention

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer Experience Consulting

Customer Retention

A repeat customer spends an average of 67% more than a new customer, according to a joint report by BIA Kelsey. In addition to the fact that attracting new customers is less profitable, it’s also more challenging than ever.

“Primarily because of Information Overload”

Today’s customers are bombarded by digital promotions on just about every device they use. Websites, smartphone apps, gaming devices are channels to deliver advertising. In addition, people have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge, and misinformation, opinions, and even propoganda products, services, and reputations. Rather than looking to your sales or marketing team for information about your product, consumers can find everything they need from review sites, social media, and Google searches. When prospects are armed with knowledge about your brand’s weaknesses and strengths, they have complete control over the buying process.

Customer Experience Consulting

Customer Loyalty

According to a study by Cap Gemini customers with strong attachments to a brand deliver a 23% premium over the average customer — both in profitability and revenue.

With benefits like that, it’s no wonder more marketers are shifting their strategies to include customer-focused marketing — a strategy that places the individual customer at the center of all marketing initiatives.

You may be thinking, what about an ROI-focused strategy? Shouldn’t profit be the main driver of all our goals? The answer is yes, but as you’ll soon find out, customer-focused marketing is one of the easiest ways to boost profits.

This post will help you better understand the value of customer-focused marketing, along with some real-world examples of how the Brandfolder team implemented this strategy.

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