Market Strategy

One Size Does NOT Fit All

The Right Market Strategy for the Opportunity

The right market strategy will identify the markets that fit well with your product and service offerings. The strategy will make the most of your budget and resources to ultimately create a competitive advantage that generates profitable revenue growth.

To do so requires capturing your audiences attention, which is extremely challenging in an environment that is overwhelmed with choices and overloaded with information. Only the brands that hit home are remembered and sought after. We target opportunities with great precision by aligning products with markets that greatly appreciate the benefits to increase value and compel buyers to choose your brand.  

Client Challenges

Minimal market penetration

Discounting price to gain new business

Difficulty identifying new markets for growth

Failing to connect with target markets

Lack of a clear differentiator that adds value



How We Help

Add value and differentiate from competitors

Identify target markets that are best fit for products

Increase Margins

Reduce Importance of Price

Establish strong market position

Develop connections with customers to increase brand loyalty

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (STP) Strategy

STP is a core marketing strategy that creates tremendous value for brands and offerings.

The STP model is a priceless addition to any marketing strategy, regardless of your industry, product, or audience. It prioritizes efficient and effective marketing and ensures you’re delivering only the most relevant, targeted messaging across the board.

It also plays an important role in developing other strategies, such as your buyer personas, customer lifecycle stages, and core brand proposition.

The positioning of an offering must be validated by fulfilling specific criteria, identification of a target market along with an understanding of the potential growth in that market. In addition, what functionality or benefits does the target market seek, and other criteria.

Existing product and service offerings can be altered to position them for new opportunities in different market segments. By positioning a product or service to fit a target market through modification, creates new opportunities and demand.

Targeted Audience Growth

We do not limit targeting to markets and market segments. There are often opportunities hidden within specific audiences. Those audiences can be defined and segmented in numerous ways, here are just a few examples:


    • Geographic region
    • Target audience
        • Customer retention
        • Leads by source
        • Stagnant customers (reactivation)
      • Referral programs
      • Account focused

    We offer Targeted Audience Growth plans that we develop specifically for the opportunity. We define the audience based on various criteria, including the size of the potential opportunity.  After all, your investment needs to yield a strong RoMI.

Product Positioning Strategy

Once your brand is positioned properly, your product and service offerings should be positioned as well. First internally to clearly identify the difference between product lines you offer. Then positioned against competitors and differentiated to add value, simplify purchasing decisions, and achieve optimal margins.

Brand Positioning Strategy

When should a business offer multiple brands? Wouldn’t it improve brand recognition to operate as only one brand?  How does offering several brands help the business?

Your brand is your identity, how its positioned determines its perceived value. Whether your business operates under a single brand, or offers multiple product lines impacts growth rate, margins and market penetration.  Rely on our expertise to provide deep market insight and develop the best brand positioning strategies.

Positioning Strategies

Strategic Planning and Implementation Solutions

We offer full solutions to provide a complete roadmap to achieving your goals. Comprehensive strategic plans that address every facet of marketing, including “traditional” and digital marketing programs.

We also have a la carte offerings to fill the gaps in your marketing efforts.  To learn more or request a quote call 866.546.9482 or submit a click on Consultation Request Button below.

Complete Solutions

  • Marketing plan
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Digital marketing plan
  • Product launch plan
  • Product marketing plan
  • Marketing automation plan 

A-la-carte Offerings

  • Market analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Persona development
  • Segmentation and targeting strategy
  • Marketing budget development


  • Positioning strategy and mapping
  • Brand strategy
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Analytics reporting
  • Staff recruiting, testing and development


Differentiate to Increase Brand Value

The positioning strategy for your brand and product offerings establishes perceived value for buyers. Aligning brands with target markets that are a fit simplifies purchasing decisions, increases value and improves margins. The value proposition of your brand drives positioning strategies. The greater the value to the buyer, the less importance price has on decision making.

Price vs Value

Our philosophy is that “In unregulated markets, every purchase decision is made for one of two reasons: The value of the item to the purchaser, or the price of the item purchased”©

Therefore, the importance of price is reduced as perceived value increases.

What is Differentiation?

With so many brands and offerings to choose from, purchasers are overloaded with information and often overwhelmed, making it difficult to make a decision. Establishing a clear difference between your offerings and the competition makes it much easier for buyers to make a choice. 

This differentiation needs to be aligned with markets that will benefit from it. Perceived value is optimized by targeting these markets that are a good fit for the offerings. Which generates numerous benefits, including higher margins, increased sales, deeper market penetration and more. 

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