Marketing Strategy Implementation

A Strategic Plan is Only as Good as its Execution

Effective marketing is more strategic than creative

The key to generating marketing ROI, achieving goals and driving growth is strategic planning. We have a long track record of developing and implementing sound strategies that achieve full potential. We will craft the winning playbook exclusively for your business. We don’t stop there, we are available to lead the marketing strategy implementation, utilizing proven tactics and highly effective methods to optimize your marketing ROI.

Client Challenges

  • Limited or slow growth
  • Under-performing marketing campaigns
  • Lack of strategic marketing planning
  • Random, spontaneous (Trial and Error) marketing programs
  • No or low ROI from marketing

How We Help

  • Generate or improve marketing ROI
  • Craft exclusive marketing strategies for a clear competitive advantage
  • Implement processes, plans and technology to improve performance
  • Align focus on achieving marketing and growth goals
  • Develop and optimize a marketing system that drives growth


The Astute Approach

A marketing strategy consultant from Astute Group will develop high-caliber marketing strategies specifically for your business and its goals. Strategies that are developed by combining in-depth research, with a broad perspective. This approach stimulates innovation and nurtures the development of sound strategies.

Market Research and Analysis

Knowledge is power, that is why we begin with comprehensive research and analysis .

Strategic Planning and Development

We formulate each and every strategy especially for each client’s challenges, resources, and goals.

Implementation and Leadership

We go beyond marketing consulting by leading the implementation to ensure optimal results. 

Strategic Planning and Implementation Solutions

We offer full solutions to provide a complete roadmap to achieving your goals. Comprehensive strategic plans that address every facet of marketing, including “traditional” and digital marketing programs.

We also have a la carte offerings to fill the gaps in your marketing efforts.  To learn more or request a quote call 866.546.9482 or submit a click on Consultation Request Button below.

Complete Solutions

  • Marketing plan
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Digital marketing plan
  • Product launch plan
  • Product marketing plan
  • Marketing automation plan 

A-la-carte Offerings

  • Market analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Persona development
  • Segmentation and targeting strategy
  • Marketing budget development


  • Positioning strategy and mapping
  • Brand strategy
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Analytics reporting
  • Staff recruiting, testing and development


Research and Analysis First

Deep insight is key to developing effective marketing strategies that generate significant results. The insight gained through extensive research from multiple sources and analyzed from every perspective.

Our marketing consultants dig deep when conducting research. Beginning with external research of the market and competitors, as well as economic, political and social factors to understand the current market conditions. What we uncover is often surprising to our clients. All to often, clients make decisions based on perception and outdated data.

Then we conduct internal research, analyzing historical data, operations, client input, and client interfacing staff.  We extract the data that really matters and use it to formulate marketing and growth strategies that help achieve full potential.

Strategic Marketing Consulting Research

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  • Gain the insight of a seasoned expert
  • Identify gaps and areas that need improvement
  • Explore a fresh perspective from a 3rd party that has no bias or preconceived opinions

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