Segmentation and Targeting

The Better the Fit, The Greater the Value

Segmentation and Targeting are the force behind profitable growth. Numerous benefits are generated by identifying target markets and developing or in some cases repositioning offerings to fit the wants and needs of that target market. Aligning offerings with the purchasers that are most likely to recognize the value in the offering and purchase it.  Thus simplifying purchasing decision-making while reducing the importance of price. Ultimately generating revenue growth at higher margins.

For Clients Challenged With

  • Prioritizing product development
  • Low or poor profit margins
  • Launching new products or services
  • Underperforming sales of a product line
  • Pricing issues

How We Help

  • Identify markets that are a best fit for products and services
  • Increase sales and profit margins to accelerate growth
  • Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Increase efficiency by allocating resources to profitable opportunities

The Astute Approach


Our objective is to identify unmet customer needs and provide the insight needed to develop products or services to fill those needs. In some cases the product may already exist but sales are disappointing, we identify new target markets and implement the plan to penetrate those markets. Segmentation is most effective when offerings are tailored to segments that are the most profitable and offered with distinct competitive advantages.

This approach also helps develop marketing campaigns and pricing strategies to maximize value to customers. As well as creating efficiencies by providing a basis for resource allocation to product development, marketing and other programs.

Segmentation and Targeting Dart throw


We gain deep insight through extensive research from internal and external sources. Then we conduct our analysis and present that data in a meaningful yet, clear and concise manner, empowering decision making.

We leave no stone unturned in our quest to gain a complete and thorough understanding of current market conditions, customer behaviors, current distribution and sales channels, and more.


Divide the market into meaningful and measurable segments according to customers’ needs, based on:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Lifestyle Traits
  • Behavior

Then determine where the greatest potential is, taking into consideration market size, demand, internal resources and capabilities, brand recognition and other key factors.


Reaching the target markets with the right messaging to gain significant market share. Identify the best channels for creating awareness and promoting products and services. Develop messages tailored to specific target  segments, clearly conveying the value proposition.


  • Target customer personas
  • Messaging
  • Channels
  • Distribution


Our client developed a product so innovative, it was patented. Yet sales were dismal, although the product was highly promoted and a lead offering on sales calls. We researched the market and directly spoke to lost opportunities and current customers to gain insight. With that information we identified the ideal market segments, developed targeted messaging, and properly positioned the product line as the best in class offering. Then we enabled the sales team with the right tools and market knowledge to drive 1,000% (10X revenues) growth in just two years.

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