Testimonials - Astute Group

Bill Dobbins - Caster Concepts

“I have worked with the Astute Group for the past 2 and a half years and have been impressed with the leadership that has been provided to our marketing team. Astute has shown skill managing everything from large web site projects to small content development work. Astute has certainly had a positive impact on our business and I recommend them for your marketing needs.”

Ron Valentine - Lowry Computer

“The market insight Astute Group provided was truly shocking. They gave us a whole new perspective. The depth and clarity were very impressive. They guided our strategy and worked closely with our marketing team while remaining sharply focused on ROI and bottom-line growth. I highly recommend them.”

Joseph Savaya - Acme Auto Parts

“Our online sales have taken off thanks to Astute Group. I will admit, I was skeptical initially. Luckily, I decided to take advantage of the complimentary consultation. I am so glad I did. Thank you Astute Group for making our online business a great success.”

J.J. Dallo - Dallo Law

“Astute Group devised a brilliant strategy to help our firm grow and command higher fees. They identified the ideal client type and aligned our services with clients’ needs. I wish I had retained them much sooner”

Jonathan Tiwaini - Wireless Solutions

“Astute Group helped reshape our business, increasing our revenues and, more importantly, our profitability. Their guidance and expertise were exactly what we needed.”

Steve Yeldo

“The strategies and guidance that Astute Group provided were instrumental to the rapid growth we have experienced with our new services. The results exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Astute Group for strategic planning and product marketing.”

Confidential - CRM SaaS Provider

“I evaluated several consulting firms. I chose Astute Group because they submitted a thorough, highly detailed proposal. They delivered as promised. The marketing plan Ferris created was as thorough as the proposal. It provided excellent industry insight and solid strategies for branding, positioning, and growth. I am very pleased with what Astute Group has done.”

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