The Astute Difference

ROI Focused Marketing

We view marketing as an investment and

focus on generating an ROI.

We develop sustainable solutions, rather than create a dependency on services.

The Astute Difference is composed of several factors, the bottom line is that we view marketing as an investment, not an expense. While our goal is to generate sustainable growth, we focus on generating an ROI.

It’s an underlying premise in the way we deliver solutions. Sustainable solutions, not recurring services. Services provide ongoing treatment, whereas we provide a cure to growth and marketing challenges.

ROI Driven Marketing

No fluff marketing here. We treat marketing as an investment and just like any other good investment, it should generate a return on investment (ROI). We focus on generating ROI for our clients.

STOMP™ Our Exclusive Method

There is a method to our greatness (not madness), its called S.T.O.M.P. Strategies, Tactics, Oversight, Measured Performance

Sustainable Solutions

A consultant’s goal is to keep the client coming back for more. Our goal is to develop a solution to growth and marketing challenges that is sustainable and provides returns well after we are out of the picture.

Astute Analytics™

Our custom reporting dashboard, designed to provide a summary of the information that really matters, not just a bunch of metrics and overwhelming data.

Who We Are

Innovative Strategists with a Passion for Marketing

Astute Group is a strategic marketing and growth consulting firm that combines innovative thinking with extensive research, deep insight, and executive caliber marketing expertise to help small and mid-size businesses accelerate sustainable growth and achieve potential. 

For over a decade we have been helping businesses not only grow, but increase margins and brand value. 




What We Do

Help organizations Achieve Full Potential by empowering them with strategic marketing solutions that accelerate sustainable growth, develop pleasing customer experiences, and build valuable brands.

1. Build your Marketing System – By applying strategies developed specifically for each client, to tried and proven marketing principles.

2. Fill the Gaps – We develop or provide a solution for any gaps in your marketing system

3. Increase margins while generating growth – Top line growth is essentially meaningless if the bottom line does not grow as well.


How We Work

Astute Group provides its expertise with three different solutions



Our Exclusive Method

Over a decade of experience has enabled us to develop a method to our greatness (not madness).

 Astute Group’s exclusive Strategies, Tactics, Oversight, and Measure Performance (STOMP™) method provide a framework to develop a sustainable solution specifically for your business and its goals.


Strategic Planning and Goal Setting


Tactical Implementation of Best Practices


Management of Resources 

Measured Performance

Analysis and Evaluation

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Achieve Full Potential


It’s not our slogan, it’s our goal.  We achieve full potential by developing a marketing system specifically for your company. One that accelerates reliable growth and optimizes the performance of marketing efforts.

Astute Group’s systematic approach fills the gaps and empowers organizations with proven marketing principles. This comprehensive solution combines optimal strategies,  proven tactics, human capital, and technology to fuel growth.


What's in a Name?

Definition of Astute


Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage. 

having or showing shrewdness and an ability to notice and understand things clearly

: mentally sharp or clever 

Core Strategy

Marketing is an Investment

We view marketing as an investment, and focus heavily on KPI’s and revenue generation to ensure a return on investment (ROI). Our expertise changes an expense into revenue generation. 

We prove it for every client, with analytics and direct correlation to revenues. Astute Groups Value Proposition is the ROI the we generate for our clients. 

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