The Astute Difference

We Augment the Power of Marketing

Achieve Full Potential

The Astute Difference is how we augment the power of marketing, enabling our clients to achieve their full potential. We help our clients develop a marketing system especially for their goals and resources. 

A system that greatly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing function. To accelerate revenue growth and provide an optimal Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). Converting marketing from an expense to a highly profitable investment.  We prove it with Astute Analytics™, a KPI focused executive dashboard.

ROI Driven Marketing

No fluff marketing here. We treat marketing as an investment and just like any other good investment, it should generate a return on investment (ROI). We focus on generating ROI for our clients.

STOMP™ Our Exclusive Method

There is a method to our greatness (not madness), its called STOMP Strategies, Tactics, Oversight, Measured Performance. A structured approach to ensure optimal results for our clients.

Sustainable Solutions

A typical consultant’s goal is to keep the client coming back for more. Our goal is to develop a solution to growth and marketing challenges that is sustainable and provides returns well after we are out of the picture.

Astute Analytics™

We measure results, not activities. Our custom reporting dashboard, designed to provide a summary of the information that really matters, the Key Performance Indicators. The data needed for decision making.

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