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Marketing Operations Consulting

When executed properly, marketing becomes an investment, rather than an expense. Increase the Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) with highly effective, yet extremely efficient marketing operations. Tap the extensive experience of an Astute Fractional CMO to provide marketing operations consulting.

We will identify, develop, and implement resources that provide the right fit for your needs, regardless of the size of your organization. To ensure that your marketing efforts address the fundamental requirements to achieve your goals. We focus on the five key resources needed to effectively execute marketing efficiently.


Improve operations with best practices and proven processes, tailored to your needs.


Technology drives marketing, but it can also cause great damage. Whats right for your business?


We help hire, train, coach, and manage personnel to make the most of their talent.

3rd Party Services

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to do it all in house. Tap a 3rd party professional instead. 

Custom Tools

We develop custom tools especially for your business. Tools like Astute Analytics™ executive dashboard. 

Client Challenges

  • Marketing expenses and/or service provider fees are high
  • Limited marketing resources or lack of a marketing department
  • Inefficient or underperforming marketing operations 
  • Looking to implement marketing applications or technology 
  • Lack of defined marketing processes, execution by experimentation 

How We Help

  • Develop your high-performance, extremely efficient marketing department (internal and external resources)
  • Optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Identify and retain resources that are well aligned with your budgets, goals, and needs.
  • Develop and implement proven practices, best in class technology, and powerful tools
  • Recruit, train, and mentor talented personnel

A Systematic Approach

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Marketing is vast and complex because it addresses so many functions and requires numerous resources. Resulting in multiple dimensions in marketing operations: people, budgets, technology, processes, tools, equipment, etc…

Our marketing operations consulting aligns all of the dimensions to work in conjunction with one another and improve the overall performance. Ultimately developing a marketing system especially for your business and its objectives. A high-performance and extremely efficient system to achieve your goals and drive growth. 

Marketing Department Development

One of the most valuable marketing solutions we provide is the custom development of a marketing department specifically for your business needs, resources, and goals. Regardless of the size of the department, we will determine the optimal mix of internal and external resources to efficiently and effectively execute your marketing programs.

We conduct an assessment of the type of knowledge and experience required to achieve defined goals. Then we identify the right resources to fulfill those requirements, whether that is coaching and training existing talent, implementing 3rd party services, or hiring additional personnel, we will get the job done right. Your Astute Fractional CMO will work with executive management to develop your high-performance marketing department that achieves a highly favorable Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI).

marketing operations consulting

Executive Coach

If you wear the CMO hat along with that of the CEO, then you will greatly appreciate our Executive Coaching program. This is a great solution for small business because it provides a cost efficient, yet very effective solution for executive caliber marketing leadership. Marketing executives generate about 80% of the results while contributing about 20% to the execution.

Learn to think and execute like a highly experienced marketing executive with coaching services from an Astute Fractional CMO. Your CMO Coach will provide hands on training to develop strategic marketing skill sets. They will work with you on valuable projects for your business to not only train, but also develop valuable resources to be applied in your business. Your Coaching Program can be geared towards developing a marketing plan, Go-To-Market Plan, digital strategy, or product marketing. 

Marketing Technology

Technology is great when it operates properly, and horrific when there are issues. It can greatly improve efficiency and performance, or completely halt operations. Hence, it is critical to utilize the right applications and tools for the job. Technology has had a profound impact on marketing, literally changing the majority of marketing to a digital format.

Digital Marketing makes up the vast majority of marketing activities: content management systems and e-commerce applications for websites, social media management tools, customer relationship management systems, marketing automation systems, virtual communities, and mobile applications are just some of the technology used in marketing. These applicatoins and systems are critical because they provide a competitive advantage, and significantly improve the Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) for any size organization.

There a plethora of choices for each type of marketing tool, each offering various options and capabilities. The features, options, and resource requirements can be overwhelming. It is important to realize that not all of these are beneficial. The greater the options and capabilities, the greater the resources needed to take advantage of them. Not to mention the cost differences, cost includes the price to operate, as well as the purchase price. Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong tool, the consequences could literally be fatal for your business.

Rely on an Astute Fractional CMO to help determine the right tools for your business. We can help select and implement the tools that are a good fit for your business. Tools that will create valuable benefits, not expensive mistakes.

Tools and Platforms

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing Automation Systems

Analytical Tools

eCommerce platforms

Campaign Management Systems

eMail Automation Systems

Content Management Systems

Editing and Design Tools

Fractional CMO services for strategic business development, marketing, and sales enablement.

What We Do

Our Fractional CMO services are developed on the premise that marketing, business development, and sales are one team whose ultimate objective is generating profitable revenue growth.  Savvy CEOs look to the CMO to lead that team in today's business environment.


  • Competitive intelligence
  • Growth and expansion strategies
  • Market development strategy
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • Segment and Target strategy
  • Positioning strategy (competitive differentiation)
  • Channel strategy
  • Unique value proposition


  • Competitive advantage
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Business development plan
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Objectives, metrics, and KPIs
  • Content plan
  • Product requirements
  • Product marketing plan
  • Product launch plan


  • Go To Market Plan
  • Marketing programs
  • Business development initiatives
  • Sales and marketing collaboration
  • Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly planning
  • Product Marketing
  • Special projects
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Digital sales transformation


Fractional CMO Services -  Strategic Marketing Expertise

Brand Strategy

Product Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Digital Strategy

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