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When you retain Astute Group, your not just retaining a Marketing Strategy Consulting Firm, you are retaining people. We are only as good as the people that comprise this firm. People that are experts in their respective fields and care about the client’s success as much as they care about their own success. 

That is why we have built a culture around the following principles

  • Our clients are the employer, their goals and needs are the primary focus
  • Fact focused decision making process – Research, Analysis, Evaluation, Decision
  • We are only as good as the Numbers say we are – ROI, Growth, Margins
  • Take pride in anything you produce, if it isn’t a GREAT representation of you, it’s not complete


Meet Our Founder –  A Strategist with a Passion for Marketing

Ferris Ayar

Ferris Ayar

Founder and President

Ferris' Profile

Ferris has over 25 years of sales, marketing and product management experience. His career includes Fortune 500 experience at leading brands like General Electric (GE), JPMorgan Chase, and Compuware. Ferris brings a plethora of knowledge, experience, foresight and skills to every client.

A strategic thinker that not only thinks outside the box, he doesn’t see a box at all. Allowing for truly innovative ideas that have often been called brilliant. Ferris has a strong track record of developing and executing marketing and growth strategies that generate amazing results.

He has extensive experience collaborating with C-Level executives, senior managers, engineers, scientists to develop and introduce new products and services to market. Ferris has developed product marketing strategies that have generated 10X product line revenue growth in just two years.  

Other significant accomplishments include leading a Mid-Tier IT company into an entirely new market, reversing three years of declining revenues while increasing margins and achieving market leadership within 30 months. As well as identifying niche markets for a durable goods manufacturer and developing the go-to-market plan which resulted in a very significant increase in profit margins for three product lines.

Ferris has a Bachelor of Business Administration  (Triple Emphasis: Business Administration, Economics and Political Science) from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Wayne State University. While attending U of M, Ferris founded a student organization to promote education to ethnic students. That organization is now in several schools across the country. When not in the office, Ferris is active in the community. Currently, Ferris is a volunteer Big Brother through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Ferris has also tutored foreign students and children for the past decade. Beyond volunteering, Ferris enjoys spending time on his boat, fishing, playing chess, or mountain biking.

Natalie Martorano

Analyst - Google Certified

Jessica Sans

Project Coordinator

Randy Pilon


Nichole Mchlean

Marketing Specialist

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Bill D.


“I have worked with the Astute Group for the past 2 and a half years and have been impressed with the leadership that has been provided to our marketing team. Astute has shown skill managing everything from large web site projects to small content development work. Astute has certainly had a positive impact on our business and I recommend them for your marketing needs.”

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“Astute Group helped me identify opportunities for growth at higher margins. They helped me brand my firm and develop a brilliant strategy to increase value to my clients, thereby commanding higher fees because we aligned our services with clients’ needs. This enabled our firm to deliver what our clients value through targeting the ideal client type and ultimately improving their satisfaction in our performance. Thank you, Astute Group.”

Have You Heard?


Jonathon T


“Astute Group helped reshape our business, increasing our revenues and, more importantly, our profitability. Their guidance and expertise were exactly what we needed.”

Have You Heard?


CRM SaaS Provider – Confidential

President and Owner

“I evaluated several consulting firms. I chose Astute Group because they submitted a thorough, highly detailed proposal. They delivered as promised. The marketing plan Ferris created was as thorough as the proposal. It provided excellent industry insight and solid strategies for branding, positioning, and growth. I am very pleased with what Astute Group has done.”

Our Exclusive Method


Over a decade of experience has enabled us to develop a method to our greatness (not madness).

Astute Group’s exclusive Strategies, Tactics, Oversight, and Metrics, and Progression (STOMP™) method provide a framework to develop a sustainable solution specifically for your business and its goals.







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